Valentines Day With The Boys

Sydney has been married to Harry Styles from the biggest boyband in the world for 3 years. He has been on tour since June of 2012, and it is now Febuary 6th 2013. Harry is planing something really speacial for Sydney but she does not Know it yet. Read to find out what Harry does for Valentines day if he makes it there in time.


5. Grow up Niall

Syds P.O.V.

We had a great time with Magayla and her and Zayn looked excited to see each other. "Who wants to go to dinner with me and Zayn?" asked Magayla holding Zayns hand. "Me and Harry will go." i said "So will me and El!" yelled louis "And me and Dani!" yelled Liam shortly after. "Well I have no girlfriend but if I get dinner I will go with you to." Laughed Niall. "Ok,well lets go get ready to go and meet me at 'Luigi's Italian Food' at 7:30." At that everyone left to get ready leaving me and Harry alone. "I've missed you so much!" Harry said pulling me in for a small kiss. We started kissing pashionatly Harry slid his tonge in my mouth and tried to take my shirt off. "Later Harry we are leaving in an hour and need to get ready still." I said in the kiss. We kept kissing when Niall walked in to ask some thing. "When did Magayla say to m- AHHHHHHHHHHH," he yelled "get a room or lock the door or something. No one wants to come in to that" He yelled covering his eyes. Me and Harry stoped kissing and laughed "Grow up Niall, and if you would have knocked you wouldnt have seen that." Harry said laughing "And you can uncover your eyes now."  I said as he slowly pulled his fingers apart to make sure we wernt lying.

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