Valentines Day With The Boys

Sydney has been married to Harry Styles from the biggest boyband in the world for 3 years. He has been on tour since June of 2012, and it is now Febuary 6th 2013. Harry is planing something really speacial for Sydney but she does not Know it yet. Read to find out what Harry does for Valentines day if he makes it there in time.


3. Grandma Annes

*One Day later*

Harrys P.O.V.

Me and the boys are on the plane going home back to Sydney and Darcy we all have missed them so much and from what I've heard they've missed us alot to. "We will be landing in Holmes Chapel in 10 minutes. Please be seated and be ready for landing." The pilots voice boomed over the intercom. "Are you ready to see you family again?" asked Niall "Of course I am why would I be?" I replied "Aye I dont know mate just testin you." Niall laughed shoving more prezels into his mouth. I laughed I have never seen anyone eat as much as that boy.

Syds P.O.V.

*2 Hours later*

I got a txt from Harry saying he will be here in 3 hours ok that gives me time to take Darcy to Annes before the boys get here so we can do the whole surprize and then I still have 2 hours to clean the house so it does not look like a tornadoe went through it. "Darcy lets go to Grandma Annes house she wants to hang out with you and sleep over there tonight." I yelled "Yay!!!!!!! Grandma Annes hous! I get to go to Grandma Annes!!" She cheered "Ya lets go get in the car." I replied Darcy darted to the car her little brown curls bouncing every where. She is so cute.

*15 minutes later*

"Darcy wake up we're here." I say lightly picking her up. She slowly wakes up as we get inside, but once she sees anne she jumps up and gives her a big hug. "Well hello Darcy. I've missed you so much." Anne says I missed you to." Replied Darcy. "Guess what Darcy, I got you alot of new toys for you to play with up stairs in the play room." Anne says. With out another word Darcy runs up to the play room. "Thank you so much for taking her tonight, I so owe you." I tell Anne "No no, its fine i've been wanting to spend a day with her for a while." Anne replies "Ok thank you so much see you tomorrow. I will probly come get her around 2 or 3pm ok." I say "Ok dear, see you then have a good time tonight." she replied "Ok bye." i reply "Bye dear." she says as I walk out the door. Ok now I have 2 and a half hours to get home and clean.

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