Valentines Day With The Boys

Sydney has been married to Harry Styles from the biggest boyband in the world for 3 years. He has been on tour since June of 2012, and it is now Febuary 6th 2013. Harry is planing something really speacial for Sydney but she does not Know it yet. Read to find out what Harry does for Valentines day if he makes it there in time.


6. Dinner

Magaylas P.O.V.

Dinner was great it was so fun getting to have the whole group here. "How about we go party at Night Life Night Club. I work there so we can all get free drinks." Asked Sydney "Im in!!" yelled Niall and Harry at the same time before everyone else awnsered yes.

Syds P.O.V.

Dinner was great, I had pasta with meat balls and it was delishious. The whole time Harry was gripping my leg and rubbbing his hand up and down my leg slowly making me want more. "Harry stop it, I told you later!" I quietly wispered in his ear as he laughed quietly. He finally stopped "How about we go party at Night Life Night Club. I work there so we can all get free drinks." Harry gave me a slight grin he knew what I was doing. "Im in!!" he yelled the same time as Niall before everyone else awnsered yes. Zayn called over the waitress and payed then we left. We got to the car and Harry ran over to open the door and help me in the car then ran back to the drivers side and hopped in. "Why are you doing this?" he asked as he started the car "Doing what?" I asked pretending to not know what he is talking about. "Your staling. You told me later and now your staling and going to the club and wasting time." He said with a small evil grin. "Well because its only 9:00 at night we can stay at the club till 11:00 at night then we can go home and do whatever you want." I replied smiling and a little wink at the end. He slowly nodded and started the car and drove off following the other boys.

*At the club*

"Do you want to go get a drink?" I asked Harry. He smiled and replied "Yes." So he wrapped his arm around my waist and we walked out of the V.I.P. section and up to the bar together.

Harrys P.O.V.

We've been at the club for 2 hours now and Sydneys Drunker than me which rarely happens shes not usually the one to get this drunk.

"Ok Sydney I think its time to go home now." I say to her as shes about to pass out on the couch in the V.I.P. section. "Ok I think its time to go to." She said with a little laugh I walked over to her and picked her up bridal style because she was clearly to drunk to walk herself. We got to the car and she imediatly passed out in the seat i laughed at her quietly and hopped in the drivers seat. I wasnt that drunk I just had 2 or 3 drinks so the boys let me leave now. We got home and she was already awake. I took her up to the bed room and layed her down and went down stare to get her some water and toast. I came back to the room and gave her the toast and water and I walked to the bathroom to take a shower.

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