Song of the Forgotten

Marie Stallin dreams of theater. Every minute of her day revolves around her passion. When one cold March day in her senior year, she receives a letter, detailing that she has been asked to audition for an agency in LA! But Mar only has so much time; they won’t hold her audition forever. She sets off on a long, lonely road trip to California in June; sure of everything that will happen, convinced that nothing will go wrong. But what she didn’t account for was a crash in the old dusty town of Iron, Colorado. Now she’s stuck there for a week, and needs to find something, or someone, to occupy her time, and who better than the one who crashed into her, but Drew Herldson, a local who grew up in Iron, and planned on never leaving. That is, until the day he crashed into Mar’s rusty orange Lada Vida.


1. Chapter One


The final destination was L.A. My dream was to become a famous Broadway actress in New York, and now, I was travelling in the opposite direction. Crazy, right?

                It all started on March 23rd, when I got my letter. I had just finished high school, and made no plans for college. Instead, I sent my acting resume to successful acting agencies throughout the U.S. I had been involved in a lot of community theater productions and school plays; I even got the lead role at an acting camp I went to at Playhouse Square in Cleveland, only 45 minutes away from my miniature town of Chesterville, Ohio. 

                The letter was from Star Acting in Los Angeles, telling me that they were interested in hiring me if I came out for an audition on July 2nd. The letter detailed in saying that a select few got this opportunity, and that I should seriously consider attending. Of course, I said yes. My parents were alright with it, as long as I didn’t need to ask them for money.

                It was June 14th. I was leaving today at 8. I had roughly 18 days to get to LA on time for my audition, scheduled for 4:00 pm. I had turned 18 in February, and was completely ready to get out of Chesterville, the only town for miles with no sidewalks, forcing me to waste precious gas money driving everywhere.

                "Marie! Dad's got the car all packed up. You're ready." My sister, Annette, calls me from the kitchen. I nod, although I know she won’t see. My shoulder length dark brown hair falls into my face, covering my equally dark brown eyes. I brush my hair out of my face, and slowly make my way out of my room I share with Annette, which I would hopefully not see for a long time. 

"Sorry, I was just…"I trail off. My mom, who is standing by the table, has drawn me into a bone-crushing embrace, tears in her eyes. 

"Mom, it's okay. It's only a few weeks, remember? I was gone at band camp for longer than that." I try and soothe her sobs, rubbing her back. She's shorter than me, her head in my shoulder and neck. 

"I know, it's just that, my baby- is growing up." She choked out before bursting into more sobs. 

Dad comes in, looking a bit sweaty. 

"Did you pack your whole room into those bags?" He jokes, ruffling my hair playfully. 

"Just the necessities." I smirk, hugging him as well. He's not crying, but you can tell his eyes are rimmed red. I turn to Annette, my baby sister who's fourteen. 

"Bye bye Annie. I'll miss you." I say, giving her a tight embrace. She chuckles and playfully hits my shoulder. 

"It's not all bad Mar. You go off to live your dream, and I get my own room." She teases. I can't help but laugh and hug her again. 

"Just promise not to get into too much trouble. It won't be me picking you up from school when you get suspended anymore." I whisper in her ear so only she could hear. Annie was a bit rebellious when it came to school. She didn’t like the way the teachers demanded authority, and she let them know it too. She gives a sad smile, winking at me. 


"Bye! I love you!" I shout from my car window, backing out of the driveway slowly, leaving my sobbing mother, beaming father, and smirking sister behind. 

My plan was to drive all day, only take rest stops three times, and turn in for the night at 10:30, and wake up at 8 the next morning and head back out. If all went according to plan, I would repeat that cycle 7 times. I had plenty of snacks in the car, and could always replenish my stash of goodies. I’m finally on my way out of Chesterville.

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