Why Me?

Kay is a normal 16 year old girl who was adopted at a young age, but she doesn't know that yet. Kay was walking to school like any other day. Then, two men dressed in black, take Kay away in their car. Little did she know her celebrity crushes' dad is the kidnapper. Will One Direction save Kay? Will love form?


4. Romantic Dinner

Kay's POV-

Both Liam and I get into his car and he drieves. "Li, tell me where we are going! Why won't you tell me?" I ask. "Because I want to suprise you! Don't worry it will be perfect." he says and smiles. I don't argue anymore because I trust him. We pull up to the restaurant and it looks very fancy. Good thing that Liam and I dressed up. We both get out of the car and he puts his arm out for me to intertwine my arm with his. "Thank you, my Prince." I say and smile. "You're welcome my Prince." he says and smiles back at me. We walk inside and we sit at our reserved table. There is a candle and a rose in a vase on the table. "This is so romantic and perfect." I say and smile. He puts that smile I love on his face. We look at the menu. "Get whatever you want, sweetheart." he says. "I'm not gonna go crazy though." I say. "Honey, please get what you want." he says. "I'll just get the filet." I say. "Fish or steak?" he asks me. "Steak." I say. "Me too!!" he says super happy. I laugh at him and he laughs too. We order our food and we start to talk. "So, tell me more about you." he asks me seeming really interesting. "Well, what do you want to know?" I ask. I'm not good at just blurting out things about me. "What are some of your best memories with Haden, growing up?" he says. Wow, that's a good question! "I remember when we were around like 5 years old. My mom yelled at me because I didn't pick up my toys. I went upstairs into Haden's room, crying. He hugged me as tight as he can. I figured he heard what had happened. He calmed me down and let me sleep with him that night. He always let me sleep with him when I was scared or when I got in trouble. One time, he had his old girlfriend over and our parents finally let him have her sleepover. Well, I got in huge trouble with mom and she yelled at me. It was the worst she has ever yelled at me. Then, dad chimed in with her. Once they were done, I ran upstairs to Haden's room. He calmed me down and then, I went to leave his room, so they can be alone, but he stoped me. He said 'No! I'm not going to make you sleep alone.' his girlfriend was not okay with that. So, he broke up with her and sent her sorry butt out the door. I think that was the nicest thing he has ever done for me." I say and smile and I notice there are tears in both of our eyes. "Kay, that is amazing." he says and smiles. We talk for a while and then, our food comes. It is amazing. Then, he orders us dessert. We split a chocolate cake. "This is amazing!" I say and he agrees. At the end of the night we get into his car and start to drive home. "Thank you for the best first day ever. I had a great time, Li." I say and squeeze his hand. "You made this date perfect." he says and smiles. I can tell that in his mind he knows that he truly does think that. "I feel really lucky right now." I say. "Why?" he asks. "Because I've only had one person that really loved and cared about me, my whole life, Haden. Now, I have met you and you make me feel like I am on cloud nine. I feel super lucky to have you and Haden in my life." I say and smile.

Liam's POV-

What she just said, made me smile and feel really good. I really like Kay. Once we get to the house, we go inside and see Haden and Nicola sitting on the couch talking. "Hey, Liam! Ruth called and wanted to tell you hello." Nicola says. "Okay. How are you two?" I ask them. "We are good. We have been talking and talking." Haden says never taking his eyes of Nicola and Nicola never takes her eyes off of Haden. "Okay. We are going to go upstairs." I say. I give Nicola a hug and Kay gives Haden a hug. We head upstairs and we cuddle up in my bed. "Night my Lovely." I say. "Good night, Love." she says smiling. We kiss her each other and go to sleep in eachothers arms. I really like, Kay. I think I love her. I just need to pick the perfect time to tell her.

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