Why Me?

Kay is a normal 16 year old girl who was adopted at a young age, but she doesn't know that yet. Kay was walking to school like any other day. Then, two men dressed in black, take Kay away in their car. Little did she know her celebrity crushes' dad is the kidnapper. Will One Direction save Kay? Will love form?


9. Give Me a Chance

Liam's POV-

Today we are playing a concert at a college. I love playing at colleges because they grew up with our music and with us. We walk out onstage seeing all of the teens. "Hey guys! I'm Liam and we are One Direction! This song is called I Would! Sing along if you know the words." I say. I start my solo. Then, I can't believe who I see in the audience.

Kay's POV-

While Liam is talking, it reminds me of talking to him. All of the memories start flooding back, of us falling asleep in each others arms. I hear they are playing I Would first. That's my favorite song that they sing. "Lately I've found myself thinking, been dreaming about you a lot. And up in my head I'm your boyfriend, but that's one thing you've already got." Liam says noticing me and never breaking the eye contact. It's really weird because he knows I'm dating Caden and I think he still likes me. I really don't know why I broke up with him. I guess I felt guilty with Blake hurting him. Well, there is one huge reason why I broke up with him. I got several seriious death threats by crazed fans. It was very scary and I didn't want to be scared to walk outside of my house anymore.

Liam's POV-

After the concert, I run to talk to Kay. I still love her. "Kay!" I yell running to her. "Hey Kay! Weird seeing you here! How have you been?" I ask her, genuinely wanting to have a coversation with her. "I've been good. I have a couple months left of college and then I plan to be a professional singer or backup dancer. How have you been?" she asks never looking in my eyes. "Not so well. I miss you." I say to her. She looks in my eyes and I see there are tears. "Why did you break up with me?" I ask her. "I didn't want my life threatened. I was scared to leave the house. I thought I shouldn't have to live like that." she responds. "You know I would've protected you." I say whispering because I'm about to cry. "Liam, I'm sorry. I need to go." she says breaking the eye contact. "Kay!" I yell trying to get her to come back.

Kay's POV-

After our conversation I leave to go home. "Hey how was the concert." Caden asks me. "I don't want to talk about it." I say in tears. "Kay!" he says coming after me. "Caden." I say facing him. "I talked to him today." I say. "What happened?" he asks. My backs on the wall and he is really close to my face. "Well... his eyes proved he still cares for me." I say. He slightly backs away from me. "You love him don't you?" he asks. "I think so." I say quietly. He looks really sad. "I'm so sorry." I tell him. "It's okay. I get it." he says putting on a fake smile.

For the rest of the day, I help Caden move out because this is my condo that he moved into. We said our goodbyes and realize I need to find Liam. I love Liam and I want to tell him that I do everyday for the rest of my life.

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