Why Me?

Kay is a normal 16 year old girl who was adopted at a young age, but she doesn't know that yet. Kay was walking to school like any other day. Then, two men dressed in black, take Kay away in their car. Little did she know her celebrity crushes' dad is the kidnapper. Will One Direction save Kay? Will love form?


5. Double Date Disaster

Kay's POV-

I wake up in mine and Liam's bed. I look around and I don't see Liam. I decide to walk downstairs and I smell something that smells really good. I walk into the kitchen and see Haden and Nicola talking, and Liam making a breakfast. "Morning sleepy head!" Liam says taking a break from his cooking to come and kiss me. "Morning. What are you doing?" I ask after kissing him. "Making breakfast for everyone. How did you sleep?" he asks me. "Pretty good. I fell asleep fast, didn't I? It was because you were there." I said to him with my arms around his waist as he cooks. "Yeah, I went to tell you something, but you were already asleep." he says giggling slightly. "Sorry, what did you want to tell me?" I ask him truely wondering. "Nothing sweetheart. Breakfast will be ready in about ten minutes." he says.

I walk over to Haden and Nicola. "Morning guys." I say. They break eye contact as I interupt their conversation. "Morning sis." Haden says as he gets up to hug me. I also hug Nicola. "How was your date?" Haden asks. "Awesome. I really like Li." I say and look back at Liam cooking intensely. I really like Liam. I feel like he is our saving grace. He let Haden and I live with him. He is giving us food and shelter and love. I feel like I should've lived here my whole life. I suddenly hear a snapping noise. I notice that Haden is snapping his fingers in front of me. "Kay..." he says. I notice I was staring at Liam the whole time. "Umm, sorry." I say. They both laugh at me and make fun of me. "Breakfast is done guys! Come and get it!" Liam yells to us. We run to him and grab our plates, pick our food, get our drinks, and we all sit at the table. "Liam! This is really good!" Haden says. "Thanks bro!" Nicola says. "It is really good, babe." I add. "Thank you all." he says. We all talk to each other. I love talking to everyone it is really fun. We never had an awkward silence. "Hey how about we have a double date tonight?" Nicola sugests. We all agree. "Where should we go?" I ask. "How about the amuzement park?" Haden sugests. "That seems fun!" Liam says. I HATE rollercoasters. I have a deathly fear of them. They all agree and we finish breakfast.

We all decide to be ready in two hours at 12:00. I walk into our room and Liam closes the door behind him. "I know your scared. I can see it your eyes." he says. "I'll be fine." I say. "Are you sure?" he asks coming closer to me. "Yup." I say. "I'll be right next to you the whole time. I would never let anything happen to you. I promise." he says slowly as he comes closer to me. "I believe you. Thank you." I say coming closer to him. We both lean in for a kiss. He picks me up while we are kissing and he lays me on the bed as we kiss. He lays on top of me. "Babe, we have to get ready." I say sadly. "Okay." he says as he helps me up.

I get up and get dressed into a cute graphic tee and purple short-shorts. I get matching flip-flops. I put on light makeup and curl my hair and let it hang down. I look perfect. I leave the bathroom so Liam can get ready.

Liam's POV-

Kay gets out of the bathroom and I go in with my clothes. I put on a v-neck tee and capri shorts. I quickly fix my hair and walk out of the bathroom. "Ready, sweetheart?" I ask Kay. "I guess." she says nervously. "You will be fine, baby. I will be right there with you." I say as we walk out of the room. We all gather in my car and I drive to the amuzement park. Once we get there we all get out and I grab Kay's hand. I notice her hand is shaking. "Kay, you will be alright, I promise." I tell her and lean in for a kiss. Right before my lips touch hers, I hear "Are you two dating?" "Who is she?" "Are you guys engaged, married?" Paparazzi. Kay has never dealt with them before and her hand is shaking like crazy now. They aren't aloud in the park so I pull Kay towards the gates. I notice that Haden grabed Kay's hand also. We finally get in the gates and the security guards blocked them off. "I should've warned you about the Paparazzi." I told her.

We all buy our tickets and I ask what ride we should go on. "I think we should go on Dark Disaster!" Haden says. Kay looks at me and she looks scared. "It's okay. It's a two seater and I'll make sure you sit next to me." I tell her and put my arm around her waist. We wait in line and I try to come up with other things for us to talk about, to destract her. Then, we go and sit in the seats and we get buckled in. She takes my hand and squeezes it tight. I smile at her and say "I won't let go, I promise. And, Nicola and Haden are right behind us. Just then, Haden puts his hand on her shoulder and whispers something in her ear. She smiles and he takes his hand back. I never let go. As the ride starts, we enter a dark tunnel. We can't see each other at all. She squeezes my hand tighter. Then, we see the light coming and we enter outside. Kay looks at me and I smile at her to reassure her. The ride is going really fast and then we come to the big hill. We get to the top and we can see everything. It has been stopped for a couple of minutes. "All riders on the Dark Disaster, we are having technical problems. We are working on it right now. For now, because you guys are somewhat boxed in, you can take off your arm and neck seatbelt. We have unlocked them and just push them in your seat behind you. Please keep your waist seatbelt on. We will alert you when it is fixed and you will have to put your arm and neck seatbelt on again. Thank you for your patience. We are sorry for this inconvience." an announcer says. Kay, Haden, Nicola and I take off our arm and neck rest. I notice Kay has tears in her eyes. "What's wrong? At least we're not in the front." I say. "I hate this. I am scared. What if stay stuck up here forever? What if we die of starvation? What if-" she starts but I cut her off. "Kay none of that will happen. Nicola and I have been stuck on a rollercoaster before." I say to her and take her hand and squeeze it. "It only lasted an hour." Nicola says and I nod my head. I lean in to kiss her. I do and it lasts about a minute. "Kay, this is a weird time to tell you, but I love you."

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