Fall into your Arms


They are 5 bestie that share a journal they mail around why happens when they all meet one direction and later go to their concert without 1D knowing.


3. Diary Entry #2

So yep..It was my day with the journal..


Sorry if you don't like her bitchy step sister XD

Don't hate just motivate 💕💕

Scarlett woke up groaning. Music was blaring from her bitchy step sisters room. Her mom Amy Trenton and dad Paul Brinley divorced and now she lives with Acacia Brinley the real life Barbie and her Dad Paul brinley. What could go wrong ? Well...About Everything.

I pulled my white hair into a bun. I had dyed hair .Before you ask am I insane yes I missed my old hair but I always wanted to dye it .I had ash white hair with purple tips that's I usually curled.I shoved on knee high socks and threw on a green lantern sweater .Leaving my pj shorts on I Walked into my sisters room to see her half naked with another guy ..I. Gasped ..no duh ! Dad was gone and she was uncharged ugh.

"Sis you pervert!" Acacia snapped.

"W-What ! You know dad is gonna be pissed " I replied

"Not when I kicked you out !"



I logged on my phone..



And sent..

To: Girls

DX Bitch medusa kicked me out gah I'll have I rent apartment anyone in londen xx bye babes

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