Fall into your Arms


They are 5 bestie that share a journal they mail around why happens when they all meet one direction and later go to their concert without 1D knowing.


2. At school ( Rachel Anderson )


on phone so can change but chapter title should really be Nandos girl-Rachel Anderson

Rachels P.O.V

living in Ireland is pretty fun. Especially when you work at nandos . I got up shoving my phone in my back pocket of my jeans. then put on a sweater that said "I like pie " and a picture of pie and slipped on some toms and a "swag" hat.I went in the bathroom and curled my dirty blonde hair and walked to my work nandos.After I got there I put on my apron and stood at the area where people check in.No one came in besides the people in here so I pulled out my iPhone texting the gang when I heard the bell from the door opening. I saw someone walking near me. A blonde fellow green eyes I think?

"Hello mate you there "his accent said.I snapped out of my trance and got to work

" HEH oh sorry sir,what may i get you " i gulped.

" hmm....5 sides of mashed potatoes,3 of fries, 7 hamburgers and 2 cokes 1 sprite and 1 extra mega jumbo coke,"He said.

"Okay you sure thats all *insert side laugh *, and that will be 100$ mate"he handed me the money and a piece of paper ..."Cheesy..." i mumbled, he walked away.turned around and said " I heard that. on the card he wrote ,"call me ;D niall horan ."

I stood there as he say down staring at the door. That was ni--iall horan and I was going to be at this concert soon..backstage

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