The one

Angie Meets her fave singers ONE DIRECTION her dad is there new maneger and she has the time of her life what is going on in her life now does she have a futcher with harry niall louis or zayn or liam louis???


3. You better not

as i put on my underware i told them to get out but they said no. I told them that i would tell my dad and they ran out as fast as posible and i shut my door.How could this be happening they better not put thoose on the internet!!!!! I started to wounder while i got dressed if they did or didnt i better tell them no not to but then they will think that i want them to what should i do????? Once i was dressed i got out of my room and i went to there room there door was locked so i looked threw the key hole and they had there camra and there laptop and was laghing and i knew what they were up to.

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