The one

Angie Meets her fave singers ONE DIRECTION her dad is there new maneger and she has the time of her life what is going on in her life now does she have a futcher with harry niall louis or zayn or liam louis???


1. The news

I was in the middle of getting dressed when my dad called me down."Angie,come meet my new clants!" As i walked down the steps i could not beilve my eyes he was One directions maneger!!!!!!!!!!!!I scream....Louis ran around crazy harry yelled quiet please and zayn ran with louis  and niall and liam pluged there ears. They can haddle thid i hope they handle it at conserts.I took my dad by the arm sleeve,"Dad why did you not tell me sooner?" "because it was suppose to be a suprise, I knew you loved them and you would do anything to meet them, so  sence i got fired i whent looking for a jjob, Then i see louis he tells me to meet the other boys So i went to there place, they are funny and cool and RICH we can make them more richer they can change our life!!!"

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