The one

Angie Meets her fave singers ONE DIRECTION her dad is there new maneger and she has the time of her life what is going on in her life now does she have a futcher with harry niall louis or zayn or liam louis???


2. emmberring time

                       As i walked right back up the stair case i saw the boys with water guns,"Drop the water guns, If anyone is getting went its you" "Lets us have some fun!"Said louis. Yeah yelled the others i said no back then they said 54321 Scweert blershhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Water came shooting out at me i was super mad but i ran up to my room they followed like i did not notice but i ran in my room locked the door changed and when i took off my underware off the boys busted in, I had no idea because i was standing there with my eyes shut. All of usuden I heared laghing and phones taking pics i opend my eyes and saw the boys   and i scream the boys said get some cloths on striper. Hey you broke into my room true but you could have put a sign that said, Do not come in i am to busy striping.

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