The Valentine Surprise

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1. The Valentine Surprise

"Hello?" I said, walking into my familiar, lonely flat. The loneliness I've felt for months. I swear, if you were standing next to me, you could feel the disappointment radiating off of me. You see, I share a flat with my boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson, for two years exactly. Today is our anniversary. We started dating on Valentines Day. He's been on tour for months and I miss him to pieces. He tweeted me saying to be home at exactly two pm, because he has a special surprise for me. But how is there going to be a surprise if there is no Louis?


I sigh in dissapointment, walking into the kitchen. I opened the cabinet, reaching for a snack, specifically carrots, but stopped short. There was a note laying where all the food used to be. "What the..." I muttered under my breath. Did someone sneak into my appartment just to steal my food? What, is the note going to be some ransom to get all the food back? That would be really stupid. I picked up the note and immediately recognized the handwriting. Louis. It read:


Dear Carrot Princess,

Will you please stop eating my carrots? They're mine! Now, you are probrably wondering why I stole your food. I knew you would come in here once you got home, and I needed to make sure you noticed this note, so I took all your food. The reason I'm writing this is because I wanted to surprise you. So SURPRISE!! Now go to the place we first met for your real surprise.


Your Carrot Prince.


Where we first met? Where was that?! Ugh, this might take me awhile. Oh! Wasn't it Starbucks? Yeah, it's gotta be! I ran out the door and to Starbucks in like five minutes. When I walked in, one of the employees was calling out "Um... Carrot Princess?" How did Louis time that so well? Is that supposed to be my surprise? Coffee? I went up and got it anyway. Why couldn't he have just said my name? I got several wierd stares. That's Louis for you. Under my name, a piece of paper was taped onto it. It said:


You don't have to worry, my young carrot. This isn't your surprise. Just another step to get there! Now, go to our first date!


Think, young carrot, think! Oh crap, I sound like Louis now. I think it was the park across the street from our flat. Hopefully. If not, I'm clueless. I walked there, too exhausted to run. I get there in around ten minutes. I went to where we had a picnic on our first date, under a willow tree. I looked around, expecting something, or specifically someone, to be there. I saw something dug into the ground. I pulled it out and giggled a bit. It was a carrot, but it wasn't planted there. It was just shoved into the ground. I noticed the all too familiar paper taped to it and pulled it off. So is this some kind of scavanger hunt? The note said:


"Mary!" Does it sound familiar? It should! Find where it was said!


I was confused on this one. Mary? Didn't Harry and Louis say something about someone named Mary in the video diaries? Does he just expect me to find random stairs and hope they are the right ones? Okay, I guess that'll work. I noticed there were stairs leading down to a pathway surrounded by some flowers and bushes. I walked over to them and saw a samll rock with something engraved into it. It said:


Me and you will be together soon enough. You're almost there! Walk forward!


I guess I found the right stairs. I walked forward onto the pathway and walked through the little path in the trees and flowers. I found an opening at the end of it. There were flowers everywhere. But they looked to be in some formation. It was formed into words.


Read the first word of each note.


"Will," I say aloud, looking at the first note. "You," I continue. "Mary," I read the third note and grabbed the rock I dropped on the ground by accident when I saw the flowers. "Me." I finished.


"That's my line," a familiar voice said behind me. I whipped around to see a smirking Louis holding a boquet of carrots. I ran up to him and hugged him, excited to see him again. He handed me the carrots and got down on one knee, pulling out a ring. "So, my carrot princess, will you mary me?" He asked me. I was in tears of joy.


"YES! Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!" I exclaimed in joy. He stood up and spun me around, then set me down gently and kissed me.


"I love you, my carrot princess," Louis told me.


"I love you too, my carrot prince."



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