1D Imagines- Your Way

Hey guys! So if you want an imagine, just leave your name, hair color, eye color, the boy you want it with, and the plot! *I DON'T DO DIRTY IMAGINES* sorry! I'll try to do as many as possible! xx KryptoniteHazza


15. Vira and Harry Part 2

* 10 months later *

Vira's POV

I look reluctantly through the old photo album of Harry and I. Happy days. I smile at the picture of us looking out at the lake. Louis took that picture, in secrecy, until Harry found out. Lou got it for us, and honestly, that was my favorite date. I put it away, and I change into my coral skinny jeans, a brown tank top, and my tan and white varsity jacket. I shove on my combat boots, I grab my phone and wallet, and I walk out of my room. I still live with Lou and El, crazy right? I live in the basement, as Eleanor does't want me on my own until I have a boyfriend. Typical. I walk up the basement stairs, and to the kitchen. Louis is feeding Lacey, Lou and El's six month old baby, some soft cookies.

"I'll be out, okay, Lou?" I ask, walking to the door. "Where to?" He asks. "The mall." Complete. Lie. "Okay, I have to go to an interview at two, and El is still in NY. You need to babysit Lacey." He says, clearing cookie crumbs off the table. Let's just say Louis and Eleanor treat me like their 'other daughter'. I nod, walking out and onto the sidewalk. I head to the one place I miss.

Doncaster Lake.

Harry's POV

I take off my shoes, hovering them over the lake water. I scoot farther to the edge of Doncaster Lake's dock, and my toes get nestled in the comforting cold of the water. I sigh, taking it all in. I remember when Vira and I came here on our first date. I imagine all the memories. Why'd I screw up? A stupid after party Vira couldn't attend, one second I'm drunk, the next I wake up with Swift's face on the side of me. I groan. I miss her. Eleanor won't let me go to their basement to talk to her. I'm stupid.


My ears perk up to the sound of a twig snapping. I twist my head, my curls flying. I'd recognize that hair anywhere. "V-Vi?" I stutter. "Hey, Harry. Missing memories too?" She giggles at her own joke. I chuckle a bit, "Yeah." Vira sits next to me on the dock. "What happened? To us, to you? What even happened to me?" Vi asks, looking at her reflection in the water. "It wasn't you. That stupid after party." I lay back. "I know it wasn't your fault." She states, simply.

"W-what?" I am completely shocked. "It's an after party. Someone's gonna get drunk and make a mistake. I don't approve of it, but you can't help the ups and downs of drinking, yeah?" Vira looks at me, her eyes shining with that familiar spark. "Y-yeah." "All this time, I've been afraid of you and Taylor. I made sure I never saw you. I thought you and her were on. I wanted to stay away, not wanting to get in a situation where I break the walls." Vi studies her painted nails intently, as if not wanting to make eye contact. "Vice versa for me. I thought you'd be with some dude." I say. "Nah. Louis and Eleanor would NEVER let me. Ever since the incident, they've been... My parents pretty much."  I nod, knowing Vira's parents died in a car crash when she was fifteen. "I really do miss you, Haz. I do. I miss all of the funny moments we've had, all the risky dares we've been through. Why can't we do it? Again?" Vira turns her head, studying my eyes. "A-are you-" Vi cuts me off with a sweet, slow kiss. "Why not? Let's start it all over agin." She says, only to bust out laughing. "What?" I ask, laughing at her innocent giggles. "Don't think I don't listen to Take Me Home!" She says, appalled.

I chuckle, "If you pretended form the start like this, with a tight grip then my kiss could mend your broken heart. I might miss everything you said to me!" I sing. "Wanna help me babysit Lacey?" Vi asks, taking my hand. "Be glad to." I say.

Day one - back with my girl. This is my new best day.


<3 Rilee

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