1D Imagines- Your Way

Hey guys! So if you want an imagine, just leave your name, hair color, eye color, the boy you want it with, and the plot! *I DON'T DO DIRTY IMAGINES* sorry! I'll try to do as many as possible! xx KryptoniteHazza


18. Shelby and the Lads Part 2

"It was all Niall's fault!" I protested. Paul eyed me, surveying my face. I was dead serious. "What? I wouldn't hack into his phone!" I snorted, typing in Louis' password on his iPhone. So maybe not dead serious. Paul ruffled my hair,"I knew it was you." He smiled then walked backstage. "Shelby! Common, the concert is going to start!" Paul called. Liam carried me piggyback-style over to Paul. The boys' backstage director, Trent, brought his daughter, Rilee, to the concert for the second time. I was beyond happy. "RI!" I squealed as Rilee hopped in, her hair flying. "SHELLY!" We hugged. Paul interrupted us. "I got this at the marketplace. Thought it'd be fun. Be careful though." Then Paul walked over where the other securities were: the foot of the stage.

I smirked at Rilee. Paul had gotten us both individual remote-controlled cars. I chose the green and blue one and Rilee gladly snatched the red one. We figured out how to use the control. "Paul's going to kill us..." Rilee glanced nervously at the stairs leading to the arena. I shook my head vigorously. "Naw. He can't stay mad." I reasoned. "Shel-" "We'll be fine." That ended our argument.

Soon, the lights dimmed for the concert to begin. The boys ran out onto the stage and started the concert with their single One Way or Another. The concert was halfway through when I nudged Rilee to grab her controller. She picked it up and we both steadied our cars at the stage's entrance. The boys were in the middle of Kiss You, giving us the perfect move to surprise them. "1 2 3, GO!" Our little cars rolled out onto the stage. Rilee and I could barely contain our laughter as Louis jumped and slipped on my mini truck. He looked around confused. Liam helped him up and they sang the chorus. BAM! Rilee's truck made Zayn trip and fall in front of Harry. Harry, surprised as heck, fell right on top of Zayn.


Rilee and I were in tears when the concert ended. But little did we know what we had caused. Louis limped backstage and slumped onto the floor. "Ah, mate, don't be so dramatic." Niall shook his head as he walked to his dressing room. Louis stood up, limping to his dressing room. "Uh, Ri, I got to go!" I called as I rushed towards Louis. Rilee said bye just as I stopped Louis from closing his dressing room door. "Whoa- oh, hey Shelby." Louis scuffled to the back of the room. I shut the door. "You okay?" I asked as Louis took off his shirt. I covered my eyes. "I dunno. My hip hurts really bad. You can look now." Louis responded. He had changed out of his stage clothes into grey sweats.

I shook my head. "It's my fault. You slipped and fell on my mini car. I'm sorry." I hugged Louis. But he was way taller than me, and I was short, so I hurt his hip. "YOUCH!" Louis stumbled to the couch. I rushed for Paul. The medics came and inspected Lou's hip. It was a minor sprain. I felt horrible. "I forgive you..." Louis wrapped me in a hug. "Good." "Don't trip me with a moving vehicle again!" He teased. I giggled. "I love you, Shel." "I luff you too!" I smiled.

DOOOOOO YOOOOOOU LIIIIIIIKE ITTTTTTTTTTT? :) By the way, I added myself into this... Haha I'm Rilee. LOLOL. Backstage friends fo evah! ;)


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