1D Imagines- Your Way

Hey guys! So if you want an imagine, just leave your name, hair color, eye color, the boy you want it with, and the plot! *I DON'T DO DIRTY IMAGINES* sorry! I'll try to do as many as possible! xx KryptoniteHazza


2. Rilee and Harry

Rilee's POV 

I work at my dad's little pet shop on the corner of town. It's my turn at the register. I HATE register job. Mostly because of the weirdo guys who try to hook up with me.

"Have a great time at register, Rilee!" My older brother, James, chuckled as he went to the back to work on the animals' food.

I scowled. "Erm... Hi. I'm looking for a cat?" I look up. It was a guy. His floppy, brown curls fell on his forehead and his green orbs shining beneath his hair. "Sure! What kind?" I ask. "What do you prefer?" He asks. "Well, I have a Somali cat. They're really playful unlike most cats." I say. "I'll take one!" He says, showing a toothy smile. "James! Um..." I look at the guy, who might I say is HOT! "Harry." He says. "Harry needs a Somali!" I yell. "I'm busy, Rils!" He yells back. "Okay, I guess I'll show you." I say taking Harry's wrist. Once Harry has his new Somali kitten, I ring him up. "$60.43." I say, taking the money from him. "Hey, uh, I was wondering, Rilee. Would you like to meet up later?" Harry asks, petting the kitten lovingly. "Yeah! My shift ends at 3:30. Wanna meet at Starbuck's around 4:30?" I ask, putting my number in his phone. "Totally!" He says, walking away to his car. I sink below the counter. I GOT MYSELF A GUY!

HEYYYYYY GUYS! So I did this one on me.... But please leave yo comments!!! I'm goin HIPSTAH! Jk, omigosh, I did the cinnamon challenge! :D it was... interesting. Okay, lost track of what's important. Please keep your comments going and I'll work on it when I'm out of school! TANKS!


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