1D Imagines- Your Way

Hey guys! So if you want an imagine, just leave your name, hair color, eye color, the boy you want it with, and the plot! *I DON'T DO DIRTY IMAGINES* sorry! I'll try to do as many as possible! xx KryptoniteHazza


17. Katie and Niall

Katie's POV

I cried. Honestly, you'd think your first boyfriend wouldn't cheat on you. Well, mine did. I sat on one of the park's benches, looking at my frail hands. I picked at the silver nail polish that framed my fingers. Just think, that less than a day ago, these hands were right in Jake's, my boyf- my ex, hands. I tear up again.

*BING* I receive a text. 'Please be Niall, please be Niall..' I plead in my head. Sure enough, it was.

From: NiGuy<3

Kat? You there? I called ya, what's wrong?

I tear up again.

To: NiGuy<3

Are your parents home? I need to talk to you.

He texts back within 30 seconds.

From: NiGuy<3

Sleepover? Yeah, home alone. Meet me in an hour?

I smile a bit. I walk home, quite fast. I pack a small bag. I change out of my 'depression sweats' as Niall calls them, and into some comfy blue shorts, a striped tank top, and I throw on my white Toms. I pack a change of clothes, my toothbrush, and my make up. Niall lives down the street, so I walk there.

I knock wildly. Niall answers. My eyes are still red and puffy. "Katie? What's wrong?" He whispers, pushing a strand of my blonde hair into place. "J-Jake cheated.." I burst into a fountain of tears. He pulls me inside in a tight hug. A Horan Hug. "I knew that should've been me." Niall says into my hair. "What?" I ask.

"I-I've uh..... Movie night?" he changes the subject. "Niall. James. Horan. What?" I giggle at his flustered face. "I said.... Let's listen to I Wish! It has that line in it! And we, um, don't listen to Up All Night often!" Niall pulls me up to his room. "Niall? That's not it..." I poke his side, knowing he'll spill it out.

"I LIKE YOU! I LOVE YOU!" Niall cups a hand over his mouth. "Really?" I ask, completely shocked. Wait, didn't Liam tell me something about Niall liking someone? Was he referring to me? "I like you too..." I say. "I love you too." The words slip out of my mouth. "Really?"  "Yes."

The rest of the night was spent with Ni cuddling. I'll admit, I really do love him. I just never knew it before.

Gosh, this is crappy!!!!!! I hope you like it though, Katie!!!!!!



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