1D Imagines- Your Way

Hey guys! So if you want an imagine, just leave your name, hair color, eye color, the boy you want it with, and the plot! *I DON'T DO DIRTY IMAGINES* sorry! I'll try to do as many as possible! xx KryptoniteHazza


13. Gabrielle and Niall

Gabrielle's POV

"You know I'll take you to another world!" Harry sings. I'm currently at a One Direction concert. And yes, I am in another world. A world full of screaming girls and security guards in a huge performing centre. I'm Niall's best friend since the day I moved to Mullingar, Ireland.

"HOW ARE WE DOING DUBLIN?" I hear Niall say into the microphone, his Irish accent ringing through the arena centre. It was loud, but enjoyable. Then a different loudness boomed, the fans screeching and one next to me fainted. I take a step away as Paul drags the girl out of the centre. "Well, that must be good! Now, I have a big announcement to make." Niall says. I listen closely. Hey, one does not simply ignore an Irish accent! "Gabrielle, can you come up please?" Next thing I know, I'm on the all-too-famous burgundy, leather couch, Niall next to me. The boys file in a line behind the couch, humming Truly Madly Deeply softly. Everything in the centre went quiet. "This is Gabrielle, my best friend. I really love her. I truly do. So Gabrielle, will you be my official girlfriend?" Niall asks taking my hand.

"YES! YES! A MILLION TIMES! YES!" I screech, hugging him tight. He kisses me on the lips softly.

"AND NOW IT'S CELEBRATION TIME!" Louis says, starting a conga line. I giggle and head backstage. I am Truly Madly Deeply in love with this place. It's where I got my boyfriend. Niall James Horan.

HEY GABY! Now, tell me in the comments what you think! Oh, and I don't bite, so please leave comments and requests! Thank you directioner buddies. Ta ta for now! (isn't that TTFN?) 

~R <3

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