1D Imagines- Your Way

Hey guys! So if you want an imagine, just leave your name, hair color, eye color, the boy you want it with, and the plot! *I DON'T DO DIRTY IMAGINES* sorry! I'll try to do as many as possible! xx KryptoniteHazza


20. Chelsee and Harry

I grumbled as I walked into Starbuck's. I hate my boss. "Cheslee, you're doing it wrong!" or "Why do you even work here?" That's right. Why do I even work at that stupid jewelry store? My thoughts drifted elsewhere when it was my turn to order. "Hi, welcome to Starbuck's what can I get you?" The guy asked, sounding agitated and bored. "A mocha please." I handed him a 10. I sat at a table at the corner of the shop. I looked up when the door opened.

Why does his curly hair, green eyes, and even his jeans seem so familiar? I shrugged it off. My mocha finally came around, but I was still wondering about that guy. In my thoughts, I didn't realize he had walked up to me. "Hi. I'm Harry. Can I sit with you? Lunch hour is really busy." Cute-familiar-guy-who's-name-is-Harry asked. I nodded,"You seem so familiar." Harry smirked as he sipped his Yorkshire tea. "I'm from a boy band called One Direction. "Ah." OH. THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. We talked for about an hour.

"Hey, Chelsee, what do you say we walk around?" Harry asked. "YEP- err, okay." I grabbed my purse and we walked throughout London. We were looking at the Big Ben when Harry asked something.

"Um, well... I kinda like you. Wanna go on a date?" DEAD. I tried to contain myself. "Uh, yeah.. Totally." I smiled brightly. This makes up for everything at work. Harry and I parted and I went to work. Lunch hour is officially over. Joy. But I was literally in the clouds when I walked in. My boss snapped. "Get to work."

I did. It was definitely easier. I couldn't stop thinking about Harry. I knew the date would be amazing.

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