1D Imagines- Your Way

Hey guys! So if you want an imagine, just leave your name, hair color, eye color, the boy you want it with, and the plot! *I DON'T DO DIRTY IMAGINES* sorry! I'll try to do as many as possible! xx KryptoniteHazza


10. ALL: Attika

Attika's POV

"ATTIKA!" I turn around. Zayn is standing there with a bouquet of roses. "Zayn? Is this one of those hook up tricks?" I ask. "Psht! No! Where'd you get that from?" Zayn puts the bouquet behind his back and runs off. I explore more of the hotel (I'm One Direction's main stylist's daughter) and I run into Liam. "Hey Atti! You wanna grab a treat? Like.... ice cream?" He asks with a smirk. He KNOWS I love ice cream. "Liam, I'm not hooking up!" I walk around him, grabbing a caramel cube from a bowl on the lobby's register. "HEY ATTI? IS THAT YOU?" I spin around and see Niall. "I'm gonna go shopping! Wanna come with? I'll pay!" He offers. "Niall?" I ask, raising an eyebrow. "Ya?" "Are you trying to hook up?" I ask. "Erm... bye Attika!" He calls, running out the door. I roll my eyes. "Attika! Hey, love!" Harry walks up to me. "Harry, if you-" "No, I stopped that a while ago. I understand you don't want to be in a relationship." He says, rolling up the sleeves of his Jack Wills hoodie. "Finally! Someone who won't try to push it!" I throw my hands up. Harry and I talk for a while until Louis and Eleanor walk through the lobby door. "Hey Atti! Ready for a girls' day out? Oh, and NOT including you two girls!" El points to Lou and Haz. I giggle.


"Interesting..." El says as she pays for the sweats she got from Pink.

"Ya." I say. "I have no idea what these boys think sometimes..." I add. "You'll find the one, Atti. And you know it." El says. I nod. And I did find the right guy. It was Harry Styles.

This is for my friend Attika! LOVE YA TONS, BABE! Leave requests! Bye, directioner buddies!!!!!


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