Nothing's Fine I'm Torn

This story is about a girl named Taylor who was just about to give up on everything until she found one reason to live that changed her entire life for the better. Life was terrible until she met Harry and slowly began to fall in love and also gained a few extra bestfriends. *Warning; not recommended for children, there will be swearing and sexual scenes*


8. Tour

*Harry's POV* I have been on the plane for two hours and all we have done is talk and watch toystory which is finally almost over. I miss Tay so much and I wish I could just be with her.

When we finally got to the hotel we had about two hours to just sit around and relax before going to our first meeting. I decided to Skype Tay so I grabbed my iPhone and logged onto Skype and called her. A minute later she picked up and I seen her gorgeous face on the screen.

"Hi babe!" I said with a wide grin on my face.

"Hi Harry!" she shouted back sounding happier than ever.

"I miss you so much already" I said making a pouty face.

"I know, I miss you too" she replied.

We talked for about an hour before I had to go and get ready to go to the meeting. Today was just a two hour meeting then tomorrow we had our concert. I put on my black skinny jeans with a dress shirt and tuxedo jacket.

When we got to the meeting they talked about all the basics. It was so boring and we had to sit there for two hours.

*Tay's POV* I miss Harry so much already and he hasn't even been gone for a whole day yet. Maybe in a bit I should call Lex and see if she wants to hangout? I picked up my phone and dialed her number.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Hey Lex, it's Tay" I replied.

"Oh hey!" she shouted.

"Wanna come over and have a girls day?" I asked.

"Sure, be there in 20" she said.

I hung up the phone then I got a text and it was from Harry.

Harry: hey babe!

Me: hey!

Harry: what you doing?

Me: waiting for Lex to get here hbu?

Harry: bored.. I wish I was at home!!

Me: I wish you were home too

Harry: couple more days and I can see you!

Me: yuppers 2 more.. can't wait :)

Harry: me either! skype later?

Me: sure just text me first

Harry: okay, I have to get back to the boys.. love you

Me: love you too!

After I stopped texting Harry I decided to quickly straighten up until I was interrupted by a knock on the door. I went and swung it open and Lex was standing there. She came right in and we sat on the couch.

"What movie do you want to watch?" I asked.

"I was thinking we could have a Disney movie day?" she replied.

"Ok sure" I said letting out a small laugh.

"Don't laugh, Liam has me into those movies right now! He just loves Toy Story" she mumbled blushing.

"That's cute" I said.

"So can we possibly watch Lilo and Stitch first?" she asked.

"Sure thing" I replied pulling it out from the movie cabinet and pushing it gently into the ps3.

I quickly made some popcorn through the opening credits then sat down with Lex to watch the movie. It was on of my favourites as a kid and I haven't seen it in so long. I wish Harry was here to watch it with me.

*Harry's POV*
"What's wrong Harry?" Louis asked squeezing closer to me in the Limo.

"Nothing" I replied.

"Well you've been quiet this whole time, obviously something is wrong" he replied.

Louis knew me so well, better than anyone else. This guy beside me was like the brother I never had. He always looks out for me and I always look out for him.

"Well... I just miss Tay" I said looking out the window as we drove to the hotel.

"I know Harry, but you're skyping with her when we get there and you'll see her in two days" he said patting my back.

"I know Lou, it's just.. I've never been so in love before and every minute I'm not with her I feel empty" I said.

"I know exactly how that is" he mumbled.

When we got back to the hotel I went straight upstairs and into my room, grabbing my laptop and sitting down. I opened the lid and turned it on, I was so excited that I was getting very impatient. Eventually my computer finally started up and I called Tay on Skype.

"Hey baby" she said with a fairly large smile on her face.

"Hey babe, what are you up to?" I asked with a matching grin on my face.

"Watching movies with Lex, what are you doing?" she asked.

"Just got back from our boring meeting" I said.

"Aweh that's no fun" she said sticking out her bottom lip.

"You're to cute" I said letting out a laugh.

"I try" she replied giving me a wink.

"I can't wait to see you in two days.. do you think maybe you can come up tomorrow night then stay until the show?" I asked.

"Well I suppose I could catch a plane there tomorrow and be there for tomorrow night and stay until I watch your show" she said hiding her excitement.

"You know you're pretty adorable when you try to hide your excitement" I said with a big smile on my face.

"Who said I'm excited?" she replied letting out a giggle.

"I love you" I said.

"I love you too" she replied.

"Should I let you watch your movies and text you instead?" I asked.

"Few more minutes?" She questioned.

"Anything for you beautiful" I replied.

"So what do you guys have to do tomorrow?" She asked.

"Well in the morning we have an interview then we are free for the rest of the day" I said.

"So I should probably go to bed in a bit after one more movie and catch the early plane then?" she asked flashing me one of her cutest smiles.

"Well if you want" I replied.

"Sounds good, I will go watch one more movie with Lex, pack, call the airport to book my flight and go to bed" she said practically jumping up and down.

"Ok text me, I love you" I said blowing her a kiss.

"I will, I love you too" she replied returning me a blown kiss as well.

We logged of Skype and I lay in bed watching TV and texting her all night.

*Tay's POV*
I called the airport and they said my flight will be tomorrow morning at 10am so I will see Harry around 1-1:30pm. I was so excited, I missed him so much.

Lex and I watched one more movie and headed off to bed. I grabbed one of Harry's T-Shirts and slipped it on like a nightgown. I quickly grabbed two days worth of clothes and put them in a suitcase.

I packed three of harry's shirts, one of his sweaters, a couple pairs of shorts, some cute shirts, the basics. As soon as I was done I went straight to bed because we had to be up at 8 to get ready. Lex was coming with me so she could see Liam.

*In the morning*
"Wake up" I shouted as I ran into Lex's room banging spoons together.

"I'm up, I'm up" she moaned lifting herself into sitting position.

"We leave in two hours and we have to get ready" I said.

I sprinted out of the room and jumped in the shower. When I got out I wrapped myself in a towel and went into my room to raid my closet. I decided to go with my sparkly zebra tube top and some light blue short shorts. I blow dried my hair and curled it, I wanted to look good for when I saw Harry.

I walked into the guest room and saw Lex, she was wearing a red top that showed her shoulders with dark blue short shorts, and pin straight hair.

" You look gorgeous" she practically squealed walking around me in a circle.

"So do you" I said looking her up and down, watching her do a twirl.

We did our makeup quickly just putting on a bit of eyeliner and mascara then headed to the airport. When we got there we gave them our tickets and boarded the plane. Only about 3 to 3 and a half hours until we would see our boys.
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