Nothing's Fine I'm Torn

This story is about a girl named Taylor who was just about to give up on everything until she found one reason to live that changed her entire life for the better. Life was terrible until she met Harry and slowly began to fall in love and also gained a few extra bestfriends. *Warning; not recommended for children, there will be swearing and sexual scenes*


2. Step by Step

*Harry's POV* When I woke up I looked over and Taylor was in the kitchen cooking. "What are you doing?" I asked making her jump. "Making breakfast, what does it look like I'm doing?" she said. "You're my guest you shouldn't be cooking" I replied rolling off the couch and helping her cook. "Well you were asleep and I was hungry" she said letting out a laugh. She grabbed a small handful of flour and lightly tossed it in my face. "Oh it's on" I said grabbing an egg and cracking it over her head. We continued or food fight and as she was chasing me I was walking backwards and I tripped and fell over the carpet with her landing on top of me. We just lay there laughing for a minute and we both began to lean in but she pulled away quickly and got up. "What's wrong?" I asked following her back to the kitchen. *Tay's POV* I continued cooking trying not to let it show that I was freaking out because Harry and I could've kissed a minute ago. I really wanted to kiss him but we still didn't really know each other very well yet. "You didn't answer my question yet" he said looking concerned. "What question?" I asked pretending not to know. "I asked what's wrong?" he said. "Well we don't know each other very well and before I kiss you I want to make sure you like me first" I said. He had a smile playing at the edge of his lips and I do have to admit he looked pretty sexy standing there. "Well tonight then I'm taking you out then we can talk about everything and get to know each other" he said. "Fine" I replied smiling at him and eating our breakfast. I had to take a shower but this was my only outfit so Harry let me borrow one of his shirts and a pair of shorts until my clothes were washed. Later that day he took me shopping for some new clothes before we went out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. It was a lovely little place with great food, we sat there eating and talking the whole time in a private room due to Harry's fans. I got to know more about his family and his life before he became famous, we were really getting to know each other and all of our secrets. I can't believe I can have so much feelings for a boy I just met yesterday. After the restaurant we headed back to the apartment hand in hand pushing through tons of fans on our way. When we got there Harry quickly closed the door and spun me to face him. "Now that we know each other a lot better can I kiss you?" he asked. I nodded as I pushed him up against the door and placed my lips onto his, not going to lie it was magical. *Harry's POV* I've never felt like this before when I kissed a girl, it was amazing and left me speechless. It made me want to just freeze that moment and never move, and I could tell she felt the same way by the look on her face. Now that I have kissed her I wanted to make her mine even more than before. She was beautiful, kind hearted, sweet, feisty, and just perfect. We went and sat on the couch and talked even more about everything, it seems like now we know everything there ever is to know about one another. *Tay's POV* I love how we are so open with each other, it's how I've always wanted to be with a guy. I've never really dated anyone so I was hesitant on getting close with Harry but he seems really sweet. After a while I began to feel really tired and my eyes wouldn't stay open so I though I'd better go to bed but I decided I would kiss Harry one more time. I leaned in close to him and placed my lips on his soft warm ones letting him slip his tongue into my mouth and brush it against mine. He started moving his hands up my leg so I pulled away from him. "Nuh uh" I said to him smiling and moving his hand. I gave him another small peck on the lips and headed to bed. *Harry's POV* Today was definitely going on my top ten favourite days list. By the end of this week I was going to make Tay my girlfriend. I wanted to do a little extra tonight but I respect her so I'm not going to push her any further. I lay down on the couch and pulled the blanket over me and fell asleep.
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