Nothing's Fine I'm Torn

This story is about a girl named Taylor who was just about to give up on everything until she found one reason to live that changed her entire life for the better. Life was terrible until she met Harry and slowly began to fall in love and also gained a few extra bestfriends. *Warning; not recommended for children, there will be swearing and sexual scenes*


4. My Hero

*Harry's POV* When I woke up Taylor was still in my arms fast asleep. I didn't want to wake her up so I just lay there until she finally woke up. "Morning beautiful" I said looking into her eyes and planting a soft kiss on her nose. "Morning" she said blushing and shoving her face into my chest. "You're so cute when you're shy" I said moving so I could see her face. "I just remembered something" she said. "What?" I asked looking confused. "You leave in a week" she said looking upset. "Yah" I replied squeezing her gently to me. "I really need to get some of my stuff from my step dad" she said looking scared. "I will do it then" I said. "No... I don't want you getting hurt so I'm going" she said. "Then I'm coming with you and there's no arguing on that one" I replied. *Tay's POV* I got dressed and mentally prepared myself to go get my stuff from my step father. I just wanted my main things like makeup, my laptop, favourite stuffed animals, and a couple outfits. When I was ready I walked into the living room and Harry took my hand in his leading me out the door and to his Camaro. "Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked looking into my eyes. "Yes" I replied putting my hand on his leg as he drove to my old home. When we got there Harry took my hand and I nervously knocked on the door. "What do you want?" said my step father Dan looking at me. "I want my stuff" I said angrily. "Oh and the little slut brought a boy to protect her" he said looking at Harry. *Harry's POV* As soon as he called her a slut that's when I totally lost it. "What did you just call her?" I shouted putting my hands in fists at my sides. "I called her a slut pretty boy!" he said back chuckling as he took a long pull from his bottle. Taylor and I tried to get ourselves inside to grab her stuff but Dan then grabbed her arm and pushed her back out the door. "Don't touch her" I said swinging my fist and catching the left side of his face. He then hit me back one in the mouth and once to the stomach. I fell to the ground but got up quickly and took him down climbing on top of him and pounding his face with my fists over and over. *Tay's POV* As much as I hated Dan I didn't want him to get killed. "Harry stop" I yelled with tears pouring down my face. He kept going just hitting Dan over and over, I thought he was going to kill him. I ran towards Harry telling him to stop over and over but he didn't so I gently ran my fingers through his curls to calm him down. He turned his head quickly and I saw do much hate and anger in his eyes that it scared me but as soon as he saw I was nervous his face went back to normal and he stopped. Harry watched on Dan as I went inside and grabbed my things. When I was done we got back in the car and left with Dan still laying on the grass in the front yard. "Thankyou" I said sliding my hand onto his leg. "Why did you stop me?" he asked moving my hand. "Because as much as I hate him I didn't want you to kill him" I said feeling tears form in my eyes. "Don't cry my girl, it's just..... I didn't want to stop, I don't like when a guy lays hands on a girl like that and especially you!" he said taking my hand and placing it back onto his leg. "I know, I just don't want you in trouble because of me" I said. The rest of the car ride home was silent and it was only the afternoon so we decided to curl up on the couch and watch movies. I came out of the room wearing tight spandex short shorts and a cute baggy t shirt for bed and sat on the couch next to Harry. "Why do you have to tease me?" he moaned pulling me into his lap to watch the movie. "What do you mean tease you?" I asked. "Well you know how bad I want you and you come out here in short shorts and a t shirt?" he said winking at me. "I'm sorry, I could've came out in my sports bra and these shorts?" I said teasing him even more. He moaned and made a pouty face like a kid and pushing me off of him and climbing on top of me. He pinned my wrists up above my head on the couch and was lightly sitting on my waist with one knee on each of my sides. "One of these days" he said leaning down and kissing me. "One of these days what?" I asked playfully as he let go of my arms and I ran my fingers in his curls. "Mmh" he moaned as I felt him harden on my leg. "Harry" I said laughing. "I'm sorry, I can't help it" he said looking embarrassed. "Well I won't have sex with you yet but we could try something else" I said walking into the bedroom as he followed me. I pushed him backwards so he would sit on the bed and I stood between his legs and bent over to kiss him. I tugged at his shirt and he helped me take it off. I reached my hand down to undo his belt and my hands were shaking. "Are you ok babe?" Harry asked looking concerned. "Yes.... well no.... I've never done anything like this before either and I'm afraid to mess up or something" I said. "You're way to cute! I will help you only if you're sure about doing this" he said giving me a reassuring smile. "I'm sure" I said. My hand went back down and I undid his belt and slowly pulled his jeans down his hips. His boxers went next and suddenly my hand gripped on his length. My hand moved up and down slowly as Harry let out moans of enjoyment. "You gotta go faster" he said grabbing my hand and helping me. After a while we finally stopped and he looked very pleased as he got dressed an grabbed me by the waist. "My turn to make you feel good now" he said winking at me. "I don't know Harry.... I'm scared" I replied. "Don't be, I won't hurt you I promise" he said with a genuine look on his face. He lifted me up by the waist and lay me on the bed climbing on top of me and kissing my neck. He rolled my shirt up and slowly began to kiss my stomach all the way down to my pant line giving me a warm sensation through my body. He gently tugged my shorts off and tossed them to the side as I gripped his back nervously. "Babe you're hurting my back, we don't have to do this if you don't want to" he said wincing as my nails dug into his skin. "I want to" I said moving my hands into his soft curls. He then tugged of my panties and tossed them to the side to and moved his hands all over my body. "It's ok" he said as he guided one finger into me an carefully moved it around. I let out a cry of pleasure and gripped the blanket beside me. "Ok I'm going to try one more" he said as he stuck a second finger into me and began to work his magic. I've never felt pleasure like this before and it made me want to go all the way with him even more. After a while I took a shower then changed into Harry's shirt and just my underwear and headed into bed. Harry took a shower after me then quietly crawled into bed afterwards. We lay there as he held me tight in his arms. "See it wasn't that bad was it?" he asked. "No" I said smiling and putting my head on his chest and falling asleep.
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