Once Upon A time

Once Upon a Time a girl named Samantha Brookes Recived a phone call that her mother had passed... she was far to young to understand. A few years later Her father married a young beautiful lady with two daughters of her own. When Samantha was 9 Her father died of cancer leading to only her with her stepmother. Her stepmother gave her chores daily and Her own daughters Jewels and Fashion Designer Clothing. When samantha turns 18 she wants to go to the new years annual ball. Will sneeking to it lead to more than Expected .... Find out in Once Upon a Time


2. Punishments

Daniel stood in the doorway with his Blonde hair and Hazel Eyes. He wore a Light Grey jacket and Dark jeans.

"Hey" He said holding a satchel about to open it.

"Whats in the bag" I smiled letting him inside shutting the door behind us.

" Yours and your families invitation to the masquerade" He snapped open his bag and looked through it. 

" Who Is It?" My stepmother yelled stepping into the room.

" Daniel" I answered. Daniel stood there with the invitations ready to hand them to me.

"Hope to see you there" he smiled shyly leaving the house in silence. Two giant rats walked down the stairs wearing an evening gown which wasn't appropriate clothing for a pea soup dinner.

"why are you guys dressed up?" I asked as they laughed pass me.

" So, Daniel was here" They didn't bother answering me.

" Yeah,... Here" I passed over the Invites and Katie snatched them from me. She went through them taking hers and Katlynns. They left without a word, I decided to try the green soup before grabbing a package of chips . I rushed to the garage which is also my room. I sat on my blue sheeted bed and then plopped the rest of my body down and sighed. It was Wednesday and I have school tomorrow, The late time was 8:15. I sat up and grabbed my blue light jacket. I walked into the yard and noticed my stepsisters leaving the house with some people. I looked up see my step mom doing yoga in front of her large glass window, I gagged. I walked to our fence and jumped over. My feet landed on the rocky alley and I walked to the empty street. I made my way into the empty as well park and sat on one of the white benches. I sat there and then pulled my phone out of my bag. 

"Hey!" I dropped my phone and turned around and hit the stranger on the arm.

"Damn you, Alex" I cursed as he sat next to me. I smiled touching his curly hair, it looked so much like Harry's and his eyes... green, like Harry's. The only difference is there smiles, Alex's more brighter and Harry's more of a smirk. God, why am I thinking of Harry?!

"You know you love me" He chuckled leaning in for a kiss.

"Wait did you get invited to the Masquerade" I asked making him nod confused. I picked up my buzzing phone.

It was my stepmom, ' Where are you?! '.

" Oh Crap, I need to go" I hugged Alex quickly and took off. I ran down the moist road and I jumped the fence. I cautiously walked to the garage door turning the knob.

" Hello" My step mother sat on the bed.

" Hi " I closed the door behind me.

" So where were you?" My palms got sweaty to that question.

" Going for a walk " I looked down to my shoes. 

" Thats not what Daniel Said" Crap... Daniel tells her everything I do. Daniel basically works for her.

" Im Sorry" I quickly apologized and hoped she wouldn't give be bad consequences. She stood up off the bed and said her last words before exiting the garage.

" Ill tell you your punishment tomorrow" She walked out of the garage. I fell on my bed thinking of what was in for this time.

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