Once Upon A time

Once Upon a Time a girl named Samantha Brookes Recived a phone call that her mother had passed... she was far to young to understand. A few years later Her father married a young beautiful lady with two daughters of her own. When Samantha was 9 Her father died of cancer leading to only her with her stepmother. Her stepmother gave her chores daily and Her own daughters Jewels and Fashion Designer Clothing. When samantha turns 18 she wants to go to the new years annual ball. Will sneeking to it lead to more than Expected .... Find out in Once Upon a Time


4. No,Chance

Harrys P.O.V.


" Matthew Over Here " Just another day , Hallway Football.

The cheerleaders were practicing and standing over there was.... Stephen. I walked over to him.

" Stephen you got a girl" He turned around.

"Not anymore, Duuuuumped away" He turned around.

"I can't believe you" I turned and walked to the doors to the hallway. I was just about to open the door until I got hit in the face by the door.

"Omg i'm so sorry" OH NOT HER!!!!

" Get away" I pushed her "Yeah dont touch me" . I looked at her. For Uhm An Awkward While.

" Whatcha starin at Curls" She shook me out of my thoughts.

" Nothing " I mumbled. I walked away, WOW Awkward Sam moment. I walked to my Last class. Math. Finally.

" Harry, How is Your Father" Mr. Ansilder Said As I walked Into the empty room. I guess i'm early.

I sat in my seat and Watched kids fill their Seat. I got a Text from Mathew. He was in Science right now. The Text was a picture... of two hands being held but one difference. One had A bracelet... A bracelet with Charms on It. One Charm a Heart with a 3 for our three year anniversery... A Smiley Face for all the times she made me Smile... A Calender for All the Fabalous Dates we've been on. It's Her, my girlfriend, Holding hands with another guy. By the way her name is Alyssa. Blonde, Beautiful, And someone I thought Would never Cheat. I texted him Back.

"Are you Sure its Her" I texted.

" Yes, Im Sorry" I wanted to throw my phone across the room, But I couldn't. I Didn't Notice How Much Time I was Spending Because Right when I pressed The home Button The school Bell Rang. I stood Up and Rushed out The Classroom To Find Alyssa. I walked Down the Hallways And Saw Her Blonde Hair Flipping Around. Talking to Her Friends I walked up to Her.

" Oh Hey Baby" She Said In the Sweetest Voice, Not Knowing Whats going to Happen.

" Are You Cheating on Me" I asked her Trying To Stay Calm.

" Harry, I-I" 

" Don't.... Tell Me Did... You... Cheat.. On... Me" I tried Saying Without Yelling at Her

" Harry, I-I Didn't" She Looked Like She Was About To Cry, But I didn't Care I saw The Photo.

"I saw The Photo" I Stated. She Began Crying.

" Im Sorry" She Ran Off Down The Hall As Everyone Stood There Staring at Me. I walked Down The Halls and Through The Back Doors To The Track and FootBall Field. I sat On The Bench And Looked At My Charm Bracelet Which Was Almost Exactly The Same as Hers. I ripped It Off And Dropped It On The Ground.

" And I thought You Were The Player" I looked Up To See Samantha.

" I'm Not A Player, I can Count All The Girls I've Slept With On One Hand" I Said To Her With My Voice That Sounds Like Ive Been Crying For Hours.

" Yeah If That Hand Was Holding A Calculator" She Bitched.

" You Know I hate You " I stood Up.

" Yeah I hate You Too" She Walked Off As I Stood There I looked At My Watch. 3:34. I should Get Back Inside. I walked Down The Empty HallWays and Got To My locker And Unlocked It. I grabbed My Bag And Tore The Pictures Of Me and Alyssa Off My Locker Door. I Slammed My Locker Shut And dropped The Pictures In The Garbage Can As I Passed It. I walked Out The Front Of The School To See Sam On Her Bike Just Sitting There On Her Phone. I walked Over To My Car And Hopped In. I turned My Keys And My Car Made The Wierdest Sound. I turned It Agian. Shit. No Gas. I hopped Out My Car and Slammed My Car Door. Shit How Can This Day Get Worse. Uhg Just Did. I walked Down The Concrete SideWalk.

"Sam, Uhm, Could I Get a Ride" I asked Awkwardly.

" Yeah, Here" She Tossed A Helmet At Me. I Hopped On The Bike and Put The Helmet Over My Curls. I Told Her My Address As She Tossed Her Helmet On. She Pulled Out And I Wrapped My Arms Around Her Waist. She Rode Down The Street. It Was A Couple Minutes Before She Stopped Infront Of My house.

"Thanks" Thats The First Time I've Ever Said Thanks To Her. 

" Your, Welcome " She Smiled, I liked That Smile, Maybe I Like Her... No Chance.

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