Once Upon A time

Once Upon a Time a girl named Samantha Brookes Recived a phone call that her mother had passed... she was far to young to understand. A few years later Her father married a young beautiful lady with two daughters of her own. When Samantha was 9 Her father died of cancer leading to only her with her stepmother. Her stepmother gave her chores daily and Her own daughters Jewels and Fashion Designer Clothing. When samantha turns 18 she wants to go to the new years annual ball. Will sneeking to it lead to more than Expected .... Find out in Once Upon a Time


3. Gazillion Chores

My eyes opened to the dark room. I looked to my clock. 5:57. I sat up and looked to my dresser. I don't know what to wear today. I stood up and walked to my mirror. I brushed my long blonde hair, and Grabbed a pair of Charolette Russe Jeans. I slipped them on and grabbed an old plain t-shirt. I decided to wear my purple toms and a Grey Jacket. I brushed on light make-up and put on some earrings. My clock read 6: 33. I grabbed my bag and walked to the kitchen. I was the only one downstairs. I grabbed Reeses puffs and poured it in a bowl.. I opened the fridge a grabbed the milk.

" Morning Bird " I heard my Step mom behind me. I gripped the milk before almost dropping it. 

" Yeah " I shut the fridge door and turned around " Sorry ". I poured the milk and sat the gallon on the counter. 

" Heres Your punishment " She gave me an envelope. I pulled the flap and pulled out a folded piece of paper. I gave her a look before opening it. I gripped the corner and pushed it open. 

" This is like a gazillion chores" I looked at the paper which was covered with unbelievable chores. 

" And " Thats all she said. 

"Really Ill never have these done before the masquerade and I have work" I dropped the list in my bag.

" Well that's too bad, You're going to have to get those chores done before you do anything" She said grabbing my bowl of cereal " Oh and thanks for breakfast". 

I death stared her while she walked out of the kitchen. I grabbed an apple off the table and bit into it. I walked into the living room and plopped on the couch. I grabbed the t.v. remote and flipped through the channels. 

" Mayors Masquerade Saturday Night 7:00" The spokesperson talked on the tv in front of a green screen which was replaced by Pictures of people dancing and The mayor. I flipped the t.v. off and noticed it was 7:23. Already, I hopped up and grabbed my phone and my keys. I rushed to the door and stopped as my two stepsisters ran down the staircase. I opened the door and walked into the yawning sunlight. I walked to my Motorcycle and Hopped on. And Yes I do own a Motorcyle, ... Im no heavy metal biker chick just a girl whos bribes attention, But nothing like my Stepsisters with Sports Cars. I turned my keys and was off to the hell house.... School.

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