The List

When imagining moving to London Ellie or Scar never had any idea what life could actually be like. Never the less the secrets and drama dating their dream crushes would bring them. Does love really prevale all?


2. The lists

SCARS POV - I see Ellie sleeping and I can hear "I Want" from my seat. I smile to myself; she looks like a chipmunk when she sleeps. My mind wanders and I find myself going down memory lane. My mind wanders back to when I had just lost my little sister to cancer. I was such a mess; I wouldn't talk to anyone and when someone would talk to me I had to restrain myself from ripping their throats out. Then that week Ellie transferred into my class and she was the only one who helped me and without her I probably wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for her. She helped me through the loss of my sister, the bullying, and the idiotic boys; she is the only person that I've let break down my wall. The only person I trust and I don't think I will ever find away to repay her. I take out my recite and start to make my list. I unlatch the little table from the seat in front of me and place the paper on it. I take a deep breath and begin. 1) Volunteer at a children's hospital, preferably the cancer kids 2) Have my own art studio so I can do my paintings and sculptures in peace 3) Eat Nandos 4) Take pictures of everything with my Nikon D5100... What do I write for number 5? Oh! I got the perfect thing! 5) Pay back Ellie 6) Meet the boys 7) Find a sweet guy 8) Go Skydiving 9) Get a pig, yes I know it sounds crazy but they are the most perfect animals in the world! For number 10 my eyes start to water and my hearts starts hurting. 10) Make Sofi proud. I smile at my list and pray that these things come true. I fold it up and stuff it in my pocket. I start drifting off into a nice soothing nap and just hoping when I wake up we've landed safe and sound. (Ellie POV) - "Ugh" I groan out rubbing my dreary eyes. It feels like I've been out for hours. I ask the flight attendant how much time until we land. Thirty minutes! I'm so excited! Wait why do I feel like I had to do somethi- SHIT! The List! People are staring at me. Did I say that out loud? Opps! This won't take too long. 1) Audition for XFactor and make it to the finals. I have always wanted to be a singer but ever since the boys I want to be so much more. I want to be the reason some people keep going. I want to be their light at the end of the tunnel. Their inspiration. 2) Find true love. I've always been a hopeless romantic and its sad that the only boyfriend I've ever had cheated on me, but I know my prince is out there. 3) Meet the boys 4) See Scar happy. I have never seen her genuinely happy other than the times she's painting, sculpting or writing one of her amazing stories. I Want to see her happy with a guy, smiling and kissing and so on ;) 5) Eat at Nandos! 6) Feel beautiful in my own skin 7) Have a recording studio. Even if I'm not famous I would love to have one just to make music, even if no one else will hear. I fold up the small sheet of paper and stick it in my bra. "Please proceed to fasten your seatbelts, we will be descending shortly" I shove Scar and she groans loudly. "What the fuck!? Why is it so bright? Ellie the lights! Now!" she yells loudly. "Scar were minutes away from London" I smile. She perks up and fixes her curly brown hair. "Oh lord!" she pants. I have the urge so I lean over and lick her cheek. "mmmmm" I hum. "You nutter!" she laughs and punches my arm playfully. We get off the flight and set foot on our future.
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