The List

When imagining moving to London Ellie or Scar never had any idea what life could actually be like. Never the less the secrets and drama dating their dream crushes would bring them. Does love really prevale all?


1. The Flight


           (Ellie’s POV) –

“Bye guys! Love you!”

I say giving my parents and brother one last hug. I look back at them as I walk out the door. I meet up with my best friend Scarlett at the airport. We check in our bags and go through security and soon were boarding the plane.

“I can’t believe were doing this!” I tell Scar as the plane takes off.

“I know all those years of planning and saving up and not to mention working our asses off, finally paid off! I can’t believe were actually moving to LONDON!” She squeals, causing people to stare.

After talking about how amazing this whole thing is Scarlett puts her headphones on and falls asleep to the Killers album. I sink into my seat and listen to its Time by Imagine Dragons and start to think about everything that has lead up to this. Moving from Orlando to Miami, becoming a directioner, meeting Scar, going through a horrible time in my life where I had almost given up; but they were there to save me. The boys, other directioners but mainly Scar. She has been through the same things I did and we will always stick together no matter what. So a few years ago we had this idea to just leave. Leave everything that made us unhappy, regretful, angry and… guilty and just start over. What better way than move to a fabulous city like London? All of our high school years we worked and saved up. We didn’t receive any support from our parents because apparently this idea was too “Ludicrous “ but we didn’t listen because this is what we wanted. Scar graduated 18 so we just had to wait for me to turn into a legal adult to get out of here. On my 18 birthday we packed everything, bought our tickets and went to a club to celebrate.

We have a connecting flight so I nudge Scar. “Hey babe wake up were about to land” she grunts lowering her music and fixing her hair. The annoying flight attendant came on saying that were landing in NYC and that if you are continuing to the flight to London that our bags are going to be transported to the other plane. So all we have to do is wait for our next flight. We get off the plane and head to the small Starbucks by the waiting area.

“Caramel mocha and vanilla frapachino please” After I get our drinks I head to the table that scar was waiting at.

“YUMMY!” She shouts as she lunges for her drink.

“Calm down babe it’s not going anywhere!” I laugh as she happily slurps her frapachino.


“Yeah babe?”

“I want you to do something with me” she nods so I continue.

“Were moving to our dream town I think we should make a list of our goals. You know kind of like a check list” “That’s awesome!” she answers excitedly.

“Right!?” I squeal to loud. We start giggling and I go to the cashier to ask for a pen. When I sit back down I rip the recite in half and give one of the two pieces to Scar.

“Write your goals on it before we land okay?” I ask her with a huge smile plastered on my face.

“Let’s DO IT!” she says a little too loudly. 

“Flight 269 to London now boarding” we hear the announcer say. We finish our drinks and board the plane, once in my seat I put my ear phones in and listen to take me home and up all night until I fall asleep. 

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