The List

When imagining moving to London Ellie or Scar never had any idea what life could actually be like. Never the less the secrets and drama dating their dream crushes would bring them. Does love really prevale all?


4. She loves you

“Thanks” I choke out feeling my cheeks turn scarlet red. “ it’s my pleasure” he says as he gestures towards the elevator, I walk in and press the second floor. ‘oh your going where I am” he says trying to break the awkward tension there was a silence as I finally break the ice “I’m Scarlet” ‘I’m…” I interrupt him before he could finish his sentence “Louis Tomlinson..” a slight chuckle escaped his lips as it was obvious that I was a fan. “I’m a big directioner” I say joining in on his giggle. The elevator dinged alerting us that we were here. “Well this is my stop” I say giving him a kiss on the cheek but before I left I was held back by his arms “Scarlet it was nice to meet you” he smiled as he gave me peck on my cheek. “Like wise” I start to walk away when I hear Ellie call my name “Scar! Where have you been I’ve been here waiting for you I thought you were kidnapped” I start to laugh like a mad man as her face turns from red with anger to pale as she sees who’ve I’ve been with. She sprints to me from across the parking garage “wait!” she yells to Louis as he’s about to get into the elevator. His head turns so fast that his navy blue beanie goes flying. I walk over to a now panting Ellie and a laughing Louis “yes?” he asks trying to stop laughing “ I’m Ellie this is Scarlet she loves you and I’m pretty sure you’ll love her too. Were new to the area and we have no idea what’s the best club to celebrate our awesome adventure.” She looks at me and I’m completely embarrassed I feel my face getting redder and redder every second “well shes lovely and I think I will love her” he says as he shyly looks at me “ And my advice is that you don’t get to shit faced and go to Funky Buddha it our personal favorite.” He didn’t take his eyes off of me the whole time he talked, I finally calmed down. “Lou!” I hear someone scream all our heads turn around to see who screamed “Nialler sorry I got caught up with scarlet and uhmm…” “Elizabeth…Ellie for short” Ellie adds in as he trys to remember. “oh im sorry mate but Paul was looking for you.” Niall said but I couldn’t help but notice his eyes on Ellie. So I decided I should do her a favor “wait Niall my names Scarlet and I just wanted to say that my best friend Ellie loves you..” I take a pause and look at Louis as he’s about to burst out laughing and Ellie going into a tittie attack “and I know for a fact that you would love her to pieces because I mean look at her she’s absolutely perfect” I say as I notice Niall check out Ellie and let a chuckle escape his lips. “well your right I have no doubt that id love Ellie she’s truly beautiful” he says as he walks closer to her “just like you Scar” Louis adds in as Niall and Ellie start chatting up each other. I start to lose my self in conversation as I realize Paul walks thru the elevators door. “boys we need to go!” he says as they snap out of the conversation. ‘bye babe” Louis says as he gives me a peck on the cheek and hugs me tight. I see Niall to the same to Ellie except I see his body closer to hers than humanly possible. ‘im sorry ladies” paul says as he takes the boys away and starts the lecture that I expect they must get a lot. “oh my god” is all ellie could say the entire trip to our new apparntment that’s all we could process. It was such an amazing feeling its so surreal. Seeing Louis crystal blue eyes in person , having his strong biceps around me. “I think im the luckiest girl in the world right now” murmur and take out my phone to check twitter.
“Oh my god…” its all I could say as I open twitter
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