The List

When imagining moving to London Ellie or Scar never had any idea what life could actually be like. Never the less the secrets and drama dating their dream crushes would bring them. Does love really prevale all?


3. He found me

“Ladies and gentlemen please remain seated for the next few minutes as we are about to land in London. Thank you” I hear the stewardess say through the P.A. Me and ellie chat for the next 2 minutes as the stewardess lets us off the plane “thank you for flying with Delta International, see you soon” “hopefully not” I mutter as we get off the terminal.
“Holy hell its so cold here1” Ellie says as she hold onto me tighter I snuggle into her neck and keep walking “Babe we needa get our bags.” I say to Ellie “Sure lets go” she says uncurling her self from me. We stand by the baggage saying “The pink one” “Get it!” “Oh scuse me” finally I have all my bags as Ellie is waiting for her last one. “Ellie imma go catch a cab I’ll text you once I got it” I say leaving my bags next to her on a cart. “yeah sure go ill be here” she says as I go catch a cab. This place is so crowded with screaming families reunited, and tears as the families are watching their kids leave. I cant help but tear up as I see these familys “jeez” I grunt and wipe the little tears away from my eyes. Finally I get to the doors when some big tuff security stop me “excuse me miss but your going to have to take the elevator for your own safety these fangirls can get a little out of control.” I cant help but look over their massive bodies to see teenage girls crying and holding posters for the one and only On Direction I hold my breath and try not to fangirl in front of their security but what a coincidence that the boys are here today. “Oh okay which way to the elevators?” I finally mutter out “that way” they both say in unison as they point to the left. “thanks” I say but really im just thinking that I needa tell Ellie. I whip out my iphone and text her “BABe the boys R IN The AIrpORT!!!!!!!! Jkfhgkdghidufghdfrh$%#^*(%$&( I CANT OMG GET UR BUTT HERE!” I press send but failure! Pops up “great no service” I curse out and grab the attention of some people around me. I hurry to the elevator so I can go outside text Ellie and grab a cab. After 3 minutes of walking I finally find the elevator ‘Hold the door!” I yell but I miss it I click the up button and wait on the doors. Scrolling thru twitter as I see pictures of the boys getting out of their car I quote a picture of Louis in sweats and bag and say “hey baeb try and find me im here too!” and tweet it I giggle nad rub it off as I hear the ding of the elevator I start to feel my slef fall as a pair of strong man hands grab me by my waist. “oh my god are you ok!” the mystery man asks me in his strong sexy brittish accent. “yeah im fine” I say as I finally come eye to eye with this familiar stranger who saved me from a bruised butt. “Oh lord jesus Christ he did fine me!!” I think as I realize it the one and only Louis Tomlinson.
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