Forever and Always~~ Harry Styles FanFic~~

Sophie has been best friends with Harry Styles for 13 years. But what will happen when he comes home? Will she tell him how she feels, or keep her feelings tucked away in fear of losing him...forever?


2. Chapter 2

There he was..... He pulled me into a hug. I breathed in the scent of his cologne for what seemed like hours. he had been gone for a tour for almost a year, and I missed him like crazy! "How have you been?" He asked me breaking the hug. "Good, I really missed you. When do you have to leave"
"Three weeks..." he said staring at the ground. "Three weeks?! You've been gone for a year" I wanted to hug him now more than ever, and never let go.

"Hey Soph, It's OK. We'll fit as much as we can in this time. Now I have to go. I haven't even seen my Mum yet." He got up and walked to the deck. He gave me one last wink before climbing down.


"Sophie, Sophie, SOPHIE! Get up" I woke up and saw Harry standing there smirking. "God Harry it's six in the morning'' I said my voice still raspy from waking up. "I know! We are going to have a paint fight. I remember you telling me you've always wanted to do that!" He quickly rambled out. "Slow down, what are you on?" I sat up, "Well go, I'm not changing right here." He walked to the hallway and I pulled on an old t-shirt and a pair of jeans. I walked out.

"Well, you dressed up for the occasion." He said sarcasm ringing in his voice. "Sorry Gucci doesn't have a paint fight line," I stuck my tongue out, "Lets go."

After hours of throwing paint at each other, I caught Harry on the ground looking defeated. I ran up to him and layed down next to him. "We look crazy," He said turning to me. I fought the urge to turn too, but being that close to him would kill me. I tilted my head the tiniest bit and he pressed his lips to mine...

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