Forever and Always~~ Harry Styles FanFic~~

Sophie has been best friends with Harry Styles for 13 years. But what will happen when he comes home? Will she tell him how she feels, or keep her feelings tucked away in fear of losing him...forever?


1. Chapter 1

Staring into his beautiful green eyes I managed to whisper out, "I do." "You may now kiss the-" "WATCH OUT" Natalie screamed at me breaking me from my heavenly daydream. I blinked a couple of times and saw Kaylee, my arch nemesis, hurtling the dodge ball towards my face. In one swift motion I grabbed the ball and smirked at her. "OUT!" our coach screamed at her. Kaylee's eyes bored into mine as she walked out. I heard her swear under her breath, which made me grin even more. After high fives and good jobs I skipped to the locker room ready to get out of this jail we call school-- thank god I only had 2 more months.

-----------------------------------------------------2 hrs later--------------------------------------------------------------------

"I heard Harry's coming in tomorrow," My mom said. Harry Styles, yes the Harry Styles, has been my neighbor since I moved from New York City to Holmes Chapel when I was five. He had been my best friend, my rock, since then. But he didn't know I was madly in love with him."Really? Oh, ok I'll call him." I answered calmly, but inside I was freaking out. I ran upstairs to my room and texted Harry.

To Haz:

Are you coming back tomorrow? :)

I pressed send and looked at the clock, 11:30. I decided to go to bed. Three hours later Harry answered,

From Haz:

Look outside. XX

I walked to the deck and there he was...


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