A Million Scars

Christina gets bullied at school, Her parents fight, she has no friends, and gets called names everyday. She cuts herself so she can get her mind off the emotional pain. She starves herself and throws up to get that perfect body she has always dreamed of. She cries herself to sleep every night. What will happen to her? read to find out...


2. School

Our first period in school was L.A.

It was my best subject.

I sat alone like everyday but i'm used to it.

The teacher left the room.

"so Alex, I heard your an Anorexic!" Ashley yelled at me.

I just ignored her.

"Good, your fat anyway." she said. Ashley and Brittany just laughed.

I felt a tear escape my eye.

"she's crying now!" Brett said laughing.

I felt more tears coming so I got up and ran to the washroom.

I ran inside and their was a girl looking in the mirror fixing her makeup.

But I didn't care.

I looked in the other mirror wiping the tears and trying not to let my makeup get ruined.

"are you ok?" she questioned.

"Not really." I sobbed.

"do you mind telling me what happened?" she wondered.

"it's just, I get bullied." I said still sobbing.

She handed me some napkins.

I grabbed them and said "thanks."

"I'm Sage by the way." She said.

"I'm Christina." I said shaking her hands.

"What grade are you in?" I asked.

"Tweleve, what about you?"

"grade 11." i replied.

"well I should probably get going to class, see you around." she said leaving the washroom.

I went to my locker and got my bag.

Instead of going back to class, I just walked home.

When I got to my house my mom was at work. My parents got divorced when I was eleven.

I went to my room when I got home.

I was thinking of Ashley calling me fat and everyone laughing at me when I cried.

This wasnt the first time i've been laughed at but She called me fat.

I didn't like it because I binge and starve my self everyday.

Thats it! I'm not going to eat at all. not even gum.

only water.

I went into the bathroom and weighed myself.

105 pounds. I'm so fat! I went to the toilet and I put my fingers down my throat.

I binged. then I went to my bedroom and got a little black box.

I went to the bathroom and opened the little black box.

There were 12 blades inside.

I took my sharpest one out.

I put my arm over the sink and pushed down hard on my wrist with the sharp blade.

I did a quick swipe to the right.

I gasped in pain.

I did it up to my elbow.

There was a lot of blood in the sink and on my wrist.

I washed the blood off of my wrist and in the sink.

I went into my bedroom and cried until I fell asleep.




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