A Million Scars

Christina gets bullied at school, Her parents fight, she has no friends, and gets called names everyday. She cuts herself so she can get her mind off the emotional pain. She starves herself and throws up to get that perfect body she has always dreamed of. She cries herself to sleep every night. What will happen to her? read to find out...


1. A cutter's lullaby

It was 11:00pm and I was trying to go to sleep.

Every night I sing myself A cutter's lullaby

I was getting sleepy so I sang:


Go to sleep, close your eyes,

And dream of broken butterflies,

That tore their wings against a thorn,

you know that pain that they've endured,


Silver metal shine so bright,

scarlet blood that feels so right,

Dream of that blood trickling down,

And wake up right before you drown.


The moonlight shining off your tears,

as you bleed out the worst of your fears,

So tonight when you start to cry,

Whisper the cutter's lullaby,


Hushabye baby your almost dead,

You don't have a pulse and your pillow is red,

your family hates you,

your friends let you bleed,

sleep tight with a knife,

cause that's all you'll need.


Rockabye baby, broken and scarred,

you didn't know life would be this hard,

time to end the pain you hid well,

And down you'll come baby,

back home to hell.

I slowly drifted off and fell asleep.

~The next day~

My alarm clock went off.

I turned it off.

I sighed and thought, Another day in hell.

I got up out of bed and walked to my closet.

I picked a blue sweater to hid my scars on my wrist and light blue skinny jeans.

I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, straightened my long blonde hair and cleaned my face well.

I put on foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lip balm.

I went downstairs, got a stick of gum and put it in my purse for lunch and skipped breakfast like everyday.

I said goodbye to my mom and I walked out the door.

I walk to school everyday.

When I got to school I went to my locker and got my binder, pencil and my textbook.

The bell rang for school to start.







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