to my surprize

one day when bria wakes up to find she gets an email saying she won a ticket to a one direction concert . she packs her bags and gose but will shes there thing start happing

read to find out <3


1. the morning that starts it all

bria's p.o.v

when i woke up the sun was soo bright so i put my head back under my covers. ugg i dont want to get up but i got to. so i pulled myself out of bed and headed for the kichen mom was making breakfast "  hey mom " "mornning sleepy head " my mom said " what are you makeing for breakfast " i said " i am  you makeing pancakes with smile faces " mom said happly " mom iam 18 i dont have pancakes with smile faces " i say " you may be 18 but to my your my little girl so your geting pancakes with simle faces ok" "ok" i say sarcasticlly . so my mom finishs makeing the pancakes and while were eating my i get a nodified that i got a new email so i go over to my computer and i cheak my email and ...... "OMG I WON I WON " i scream so loudly that my mom comes running up the satirs " hunny whats wrong i heard a load scream " my mom says worried  " MOM I WON I WON " i say soo exidedly " won what hunny " my mom says " MOM I WON THE TICKET TO THE ONE DIRECTION CONCRET " i say screaming "iam so happy for you when do you leave ?" my mom says . ok i can not calm down i am really exided " its says i am leaveing tomorrow OMG i better start packing " i grab my suit case put in like almost everything i own i mean i cant take every single clothing item cuz like i have like a hole bunch of dorky sweaters and t-shirts that my grandma and my mom bought me soo yea iam only taking my best outfits and other nice clothing. its 9:00 o'clock i better get to bed my flight leaves at 5:00 so i head up stairs.

harry p.o.v

so simon just told us the girl name of the winner her name is bria mackenzie nice name i wonder what she looks like hhhmmm oh i now ill cheak facebook so as iam on facebook liam comes up behind me " what are you doing " liam says " jeez liam your scared the liveing daylights out of me" i say almost falling out of the chair " sorry harry i was ust wondering what you where doing here " liam says " oh well as you can see i am on facebook " i say pointing out the oveis " yea on facebook looking at girls profiles again " liam says sarcasticlly " no iam on facebook looking at brias profile you know the girl that won that ticket " i said to liam " oh yea let me see " we both  look at the pics on her profile " wow" me and liam say at the same time " shes soo pretty " liam says " whos pretty ?" zayn says waking in the room " bria is she beautiful " i say "wow" zayn says "zayn you have perrie so me and liam can have her ok " i say " thats ok with me " zayn says while he leaves "i call her " we both say " well that wont work " i say " well witch ever one she like will get to date her ok " liam says " deal " i say.


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