A Day To Remember (One Shot)

Cassidy was the type of person who didn't believe or felt love. Never did she think that she would fall in love as quick as she did one day. But this curly-hair boy isn't average looking at all! He exceeded what Cassidy was expecting.But there was one more thing to him that topped it all off for Cassidy. He's was an international sensation.


1. Happy as can be

*Cassidy's POV*

I lingered through the streets in a hurry to get home. The temperature was freezing and didn't have my coat. Thanks to my co worker who got sick on it. As I scurried through the streets it started to rain. Great. Just what I needed. I decided to go to Starbucks to warm up with a Salted Caramel Mocha. When I finished my order, I looked around the café for a place to sit. The employee interrupted me and my view,"Cassidy!" I hurried to the counter to grab the coffee. As I was about to sit at a booth,I caught a glance of my best friend,Jessica, talking on the phone with somebody.

"Jessy!" I shouted towards her to get her attention while waving at her.

She turned around with a confused expression. Within a moment she changed to have a happy expression. "I'll call you later. Bye." She spoke on the phone and walked over to me with her arms outstretched open, indicating a hug."Cassidy! I missed you so much!" She muttered in my shoulder. The last time I saw her was 5 years ago. I've missed her since.She broke the hug."How You've been?"

"Well, I've been good but my parents aren't around and I'm a single pringle." I said. I broke out a slight laugh and shrugged off the bad thoughts. When I looked up, Jessica was looking over to a guy about 2 feet taller than me. He had curly-hair which was a turn on for me. I loved guys who had curly hair for some reason.

"Jess. Is something wrong?" I questioned her as her blue eyes stood stuck to the young guy.

She struggled to spit out the words. Her mouth stood agape but after a few moments, she snapped back to reality.

"That guy over there." She pointed to the curly guy. I really hated when she whispered. It made me nervous. "Is Harry Styles. From One Direction!" Her voice cracked at the end. Harry? From One Direction? It's been months since their fame died down. I remember being obsessed with them. My brown eyes pierced at her with a panicked look. Harry was my celebrity crush that I never stopped thinking about.

"Jessica. Don't you-" She walked up to Harry and had a small talk with Harry. Everything seemed to be fine until she pointed to me. He nodded his head and walked towards me with a friendly smile plastered on his face. The dimples showed on his cheeks. Oh my gosh the dimples!

When I looked up to search for Jessica, I saw her holding up her index finger indicating that she wanted me to wait for her.

Do you know what that means? I'm gonna make myself look like a fool in front of Harry! Isn't that perfect?!

"Umm.. Hello, I'm Harry." He said. He took a seat across me and started to drink his frapp. Wow. Could this get any awkward?

"Erm... I'm Cassidy. Nice to meet you Harry." Cheesy yet, tolerable. He seemed a little shy. His cheeks flushed a dark red blush. I let out a little giggle as I let a sigh escape my mouth.

"I'm sorry if I'm scaring you and just staring at you, it's just.." He trailed off with his words making me more scared than I already am.

"Just what?"

"You're friend kind of like traumatized me.She talked so quick and was so jumpy. She did too much in such a short amount of time." I can see that his face flushed even more red.

I couldn't help but laugh really hard to the point where my sides hurt. He smirked at me and his eyes stared at me with a hint that he was relaxed.

"You seem like a nice person. I'd like to hang out with you sometime." His eyes looked hopeful,hoping that I had the same idea. I thought for a second. I finally nodded my head. He flashed me with a bright smile. I smiled back and thought, why in the world would he want to hang out with ME? I didn't want to ask because he'd think that I don't like him.

"Hey so what time should I be ready?" I asked as calm as I could.

"How about Friday night at 7? Is that good?"

I checked my schedule on my phone and saw that Friday was all open. I nodded with a huge smile. I took a sip from my coffee and handed over my phone for him to put in his number. He called his own cell and saved my number into his phone. It's amazing what this world has come to with technology.

On the day of the date, Harry had asked me to be his girlfriend. I honestly didn't expect the question. But, obviously I accepted the question. After being seen in Starbucks and on the date and hanging out, the word spreaded out all over the world. His band may have died down but the fandom still cared about the boys. Anyways, the relationship lasted for as long as you could remember.

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