The One I've Been Waiting For

This is my first movellas, Hope you like it!!!

Avery has had a diffucult life. When she was 5 her mother died of cancer. Now all her father does is tease her. She runs away one night because she couldn't take the teasing anymore. The next day she went back and her father abused her for leaving. Later that day she snuck out again planning on never coming back. She wanted to die. Until she runs into a guy who wants to help her out. She meets this guy's other 4 friends and ends up living with them for a while. Will these 5 guys change her life forever? Read more to find out.


2. 2. His flat and friends

Avery's P.O.V

We get to his flat and we walk in the door. His place is big and beautiful.  The walls are bright red with pictures of his family on them. He has nice couchs (one big and one small), a love seat and a recliner. He also has a big flat screen TV.  Upstairs there are 7 bedrooms. The guest room has bright orange walls and a big bed. It has a walk in closet and a bathroom. "Woah," I say when i walk in. "It's nice isn't it," Liam says. "It's beautiful," I say while putting my stuff on the bed in the guest room. "Now let's introduce you to my friends," Liam said.  We walk down stairs and he calls 4 boys to come sit on the couch. One has blonde hair with bright blue eyes. Another has brown curly hair with green eyes. Another has black hair styled in a quiff, he has brown eyes, like Liam.  The other has brown hair with blue eyes, wearing a red and white striped T-shirt.  "Guys, this is Avery," Liam says. "I found her in the alley crying, her dad hurt her and teased her so she ran away, she will be staying here until we find her a place to stay," he says. "Hi Avery," they all say. "Hi," I say. "I'm Zayn," the one with the quiff says. "I'm Niall," the one with blonde hair says. "I'm Harry," the brown curly haired one said. "I'm Louis," the one in the stripes said.  "Nice to meet you all," I say.  "Would you like to sit down?" Niall asks. "No thanks," I say. "I'm kinda tired, I think I'm gonna go to bed,". "Ok good night, love," Louis says.  "Good night, and thanks Liam for letting me stay," I say. "No problem," Liam says. Then I head off to the bed room, lay down and fall asleep, thinking about how tomorrow would go. Liam's friends seem nice, I can't wait to get to know them.


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