The One I've Been Waiting For

This is my first movellas, Hope you like it!!!

Avery has had a diffucult life. When she was 5 her mother died of cancer. Now all her father does is tease her. She runs away one night because she couldn't take the teasing anymore. The next day she went back and her father abused her for leaving. Later that day she snuck out again planning on never coming back. She wanted to die. Until she runs into a guy who wants to help her out. She meets this guy's other 4 friends and ends up living with them for a while. Will these 5 guys change her life forever? Read more to find out.


1. 1. Running Away

Avery's P.O.V

That's it. I can't take it anymore. Ever since my mom died of cancer my dad has been teasing me for no reason at all. I never did anything to him. He thinks I'm the reason Mom died. He used to love me so much. But ever since Mom died he's hated me. I'm gonna run away tonight. He never abused me I just can't take being teased any longer. I open my window. I feel a cool breeze come through. This is it, I thought. Then I jump out my window and start running as far away as possible from the house.  After a while I stop to catch my breath. I find a tree and climb up it. I look up at the stars while laying on a branch. I slowly drift off into a deep sleep.      

*The Next Morning*

I woke up and jumped out of the tree. I have to go back now. I didn't run away far enough. I know I'll get in trouble, but I'll just run away for good next time. I walk through the door and find my dad sitting on the couch smirking at me. "So you decided to run away last night huh?" He said still smirking. "Big mistake," He gets up and comes over to me and smacks me in the face. I try to run but he grabs my wrist tight. "LET ME GO!" I scream. "You're not going anywhere," he says. He goes to the garage and comes back in with a baseball bat. He comes back over to me. "You're gonna regret leaving now," he says. He wacks me in the side with the bat. Pain rushed all over me. I try to hold back the tears. Then he hit me again hit the leg, putting all his force into it.  He goes to put the bat away and I grab my stuff and run out the door, letting the tears fall down as I run.  I have to run away I just have to. I shouldn't have gone back. I get to an alley and sit alone with my face in my knees. Then I hear footsteps. I hide behind a dumpster that I found in the alley. I see a guy with brown curly hair walk by. Then, being the clumsy person I am,I accidentally hit my arm on the dumpster.  "What was that?" the guy said. "Great, just great," I whisper. "Are you okay?" the guy asks. "Who are you?" I asked. "I'm Liam," he said. "Who are you? Why are you in this alley? Why were you crying?" he asks. "Woah woah woah calm down there buddy," I said. "I'm Avery, I'm in this alley because I ran away from my dad, and I was crying dad hit me with a baseball bat because I ran away from him last night because he kept teasing me and I couldn't take it anymore. I'll never go back to him," I say. "Would you like a place to stay?" he asks. "You can stay with  me and my friends tonight, and I can learn more about you,". "Umm....." I start.  "C'mon its getting late and cold, just until we can get you a place to stay," Liam says. "I guess thats ok," I say standing up. "Great! Lets get going its getting late," Laim said. Then we walk away into the darkness, Liam leading the way to his flat.


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