Snowed in

I had always been alone. Alone at school, alone at work, hell I was even alone in a group of people. That was, until I met him. His tall physique, his handsome features, why would he pick me. He was famous for gods sake! I was... Me? It all started when me and my 'so called friends' went to their concert. I had been a fan of theirs for ages! After the concert we paid for a meet and greet for only €30 extra. That's when I met him.. Niall Horan. He saw me and said hello. I awkwardly stood there as we took a picture and he slipped me his number. Let me tell you... BEST DAY OF MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE!


2. The meeting, the hurry and the chemistry

It had been at the concert, he slipped me his number.
It's embarrassing but I fangirled but I wanted to keep it a secret so when my friends looked at me quizzically, I just shrugged it off.
When the meet Nd greet ended, I said I would call him. He smiled and said he looked forward to it. As I exited, I saw the line of excited girls, the odd boy too, in the line for the meet and greet. I started to worry that maybe he does that to all the girls and that it wasn't his real number. As these thoughts ran through my head, I bumped into woman.

''Sorry! I didn't see you the- mom?''

The woman I knew as my mother looked at me.

''Heeyyy girl! What's up? I am lining up to meet the first direction people!'' She hollered.

''Mom, it's one direction and I thought you were at aunts Sheila's house?'' I sniffed her breath
.''you drunk?''
She smirked "No!"
She seemingly forgot I was there as she entered the meet and greet room.
'Thats messed up..' I said , spotting the 40 year old man, wearing the 1D t-shirt holding a banner saying 'I LOVE YOU HARRY'

As we were in the taxi ride home, I looked at my iPhone at gasped at the time. That's not right, is it? 11:38 pm! I pointed to my house as he pulled onto my street.

''This is good, how much do I owe you?''

He turned to face me and smiled ''No charge!''
I returned a quizzical look and was about to get out when I heard a familiar voice ask me to wait.
I turned to the taxi driver and was jaw-dropped. There in the flesh himself was Niall.

''Niall? How'd you get here? Where did you get the taxi?''

He smiled and o
Told me that he saw me leaving and excused himself to make sure I was driven home safely and that the taxi was in one of their previous music videos.

''Ahh'' I said, understanding our current situation.

He asked if I wanted to go for a ride and I asked where.

He smirked. ''Aspen''

If you could have seen my face

''Are you bonkers, off the rails, driving the looney car, rowing the crazy boat?''

He smiled that smile of his and I melted

''I just wanna spend more time with you and I have to go to Aspen for our next gig and my mam can't make it so... Wanna come?''

Lets just say I screamed. Loud.


'Great because we leave at 12am''

''Okay then... Wait her while I run and pack for my life?'' And with that, I was off. Grabbing the keys out of my handbag and opening my apartment door. I flung my bag to the side, grabbed a suit case and got to work. I cursed to myself and grabbed my bag again and ran outside.

''How long we staying for?'' I asked, gasping for breath

''Two weeks okay?''

''Yesss!'' And I was kicking my heels off and running back inside. I ticked off the essentials ; hair straightener, leather jacket, curler,brush, makeup, heels, runners, camera and my best dress.

I smiled to myself and grabbed my other bag from the closet and shoved my belongings in there. As I reached the door, I grabbed my passport from the drawer. I was good to go.

''Lets go then!'' He smiled as I jumped into the car.
7 hours later and2 outfit changes later, I was in Aspen.
Niall pointed out a photo booth and the boys dragged me over there. I don't know how exactly but we all fit in there. I'll tell ya, it was so fun in there. Harry kept flicking Liam's ear until he flipped out. We all started to burst out laughing.

Me and Niall looked at each other and smiled.

Louis smirked ''lets leave these two 'lovebirds' alone" the boys snickered and left.

Niall smiled and inserted 25c into the machine and the photos began again. Niall would pull a funny face and I would just laugh. About five minutes later Louis stuck his head in, his hand covering his eyes.

"I am not looking but Harry is getting tired and he wants to go to the hotel.

I laughed and pulled down his hand.

"We're ready" Niall smirked.

One bumpy bus ride later and we were at the hotel. Well I guess you could call ita hotel. It was individual cabins spaced closely together.

Niall blushed "oh yeah, me and my mom were gonna share a cabin...?"

" I don't mind" I said, hiding the growing blush on my cheeks.

After we debated on who got which cabin, it was decided. We each said our good nights and left. When we shut our door we were pleasantly surprised. There were different board games everywhere.

Niall chuckled "Let's play monopoly?"

I smirked "Bring it!"

10 minutes later we heard a crashing sound, almost like snow trampling down a hill. Niall went to check it out and discovered that an avalanche had stricken and he turned to me

"Looks like we're... Snowed in...",

I giggled "there's always Twister?"
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