The Best Worst Day

My Entry for the 1S41D contest! Whatcha think?!


1. February 14th

The Best Worst Day..

Madison's POV:

Today is going to be the worst day of my life.. Yeah. Today's Valentines Day. I know, I know, who in the heck hates Valentines Day?! Umm.. Me!

I've never had a "valentine" in my life. Soo.. I never really saw the point in it. I'm really just a Tom boy. Thus, no boys are interested in me. At least not "that way". Most of my friends are guys really.

"Madison! Time for school!" My mom called up the stairs.

"Coming!" I sighed.

I hurried down the stairs and out to my car. Valentines Day at school was always miserable.. So I took my time getting there. When I finally did pull up there was red hearts everywhere. Yuck!

"Hello! I'm new here, can you show me around?" A voice ask behind me.

"Me?" I turned shocked at who I saw.

"You don't mind, do you?" Harry freaking Styles ask me slowly.

I'm a Tom boy yeah, but I'm not blind. One Direction is my favorite band, like ever! I stood there for a few seconds then realized I was staring.

"Oh! Um- er- uh- no! I mean yes! I mean-." I face palmed myself and looked up at him again.

"Let's try that again. You don't mind, do you?" Harry laughed.

"I do not mind." I smiled.

Harry laughed at my caution deciding my words. I motioned for him to follow me as I made my way towards the doors. When we got inside all of the girls at my high school shoved me down, trampling me. Then I remembered Harry Styles was behind me. Ugh..

"Please! Ladies, ladies!" Harry shouted.

I collected myself and stood up from the floor. I watched, disgusted, as the girls hopelessly flirted with Harry. There had to be at least 200 girls! They didn't stand a chance.

"Move aside! NOW!" Our principle bellowed down the hall.

Every screaming girl hushed and stepped aside, just as they were asked. Harry straightened his shredded clothes and stepped towards the principle.

"Hello sir. I'm Harry Styles, new here." Harry held his hand out.

"Nice to meet you. But I don't need you turning my school into a playground! No more." The principal warned.

"Yes sir." Harry nodded.

"You may choose one student to show you around. From the same graduating class as you." My principal turned and walked back down the hall.

All the girls batted they're eyelashes and stuck out their bottom lips. Pa-the-tic! Harry walked over to me and whispered in my air.

"What grade are you?" Harry mumbled into my ear.

"Senior, 12th grade." I smiled.

Harry smiled back, since he was also in grade 12. I held out my arm, signaling for him to wrap his through it. He did so, and we laughed walking to chemistry.


Harry's POV:

I let-, I don't even know her name! I turned to her as we sat down for lunch.

"What's your name, love?" I ask.

"Madison." She laughed.

Madison. I let, Madison, show me around. Mostly because she wasn't trying so hard. She didn't wear loads of makeup and cheap perfume. So Madison and I sat down, eating our soup.

"Mad Dog!" A voice screamed from behind me.

I raised an eyebrow at Madison turning to see a jock making his way over.

"Kirk!" Madison giggled.

"Who's fancy pants here?" Kirk, I guess his name is, ask referring to me.

"Oh! Kirk, this is Harry. Harry, my brother Kirk." Madison smiled.

"That boy band dude? The one from your wa-?" Kirk started.

"That one! Yes Kirk, shut up now." She blushed.

"Mad Dog is my twin sister." Kirk rolled his eyes.

"Twins. Nice." I laughed.

Madison turned back to Kirk with a puzzling look. She then cleared her throat, speaking again.

"Is there practice today Kirk?" Madison ask.

"Everyday! Jeez.. I can't keep reminding you." Kirk rolled his eyes, again.

"Practice for what?" I butted in.

"Football.." Madison sighed.

"American football?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, Harry. American Football!" Madison giggled.

Madison's POV:

I didn't really want Harry to know I play football. But it'll come out sooner or later, guess nows as good a time as any. Kirk obviously thought so too.

"Mad Dog plays. She's our kicker." Kirk beamed.

I blushed looking down. Harry's mouth hung wide open, as he stared at me. Which happened to make me laugh.


When the last bell finally came, I rushed with Harry to get him to his locker. I needed to get to practice, so I ditched him. Which didn't get anywhere because he found my locker. I grinned at him, then tried to brush past him.

"Where are you going?" Harry ask.

"Practice! Wanna come? It's always fun watching sweaty boys hit each other around!" I laughed.

"Sure!" Harry laughed back.

We ran out to the field, I showed Harry where to sit in the stands and went back to change. I changed with the cheerleaders, since I'm a girl. I put on my pink volleyball spandex, and a black tank top.

I ran back out and coach told us today were playing rugby. Which means NO padding. Fun..


When practice was finally over I was drenched in sweat and bruised up. My bruises were already turning that gross black color. My hair was ratted and coming out of my pony tail.. It was beyond help.

"You look hot! Literally!" Harry laughed.

"Ha.. Ha.. Ha.." I rolled my eyes.

"Do you know what today is?" Harry ask, walking with me to my car.

"Valentines Day, February 14th." I sighed.

"That's right." Harry said in a whisper.

I turned to look at him, just as him lips met mine. It was magical. Today was my least favorite day of year, but Harry just perked this year's up.

Making it; The best, worst day.

:) Happy Valentines Day! Much love -Piper <3
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