Kiss Me I'm Irish

Hi. You don’t know me, but my name's Morgan Abrams. My best friend Lexie, is dating the one and only Louis Tomlinson. I’m not famous, I mean, why would I be? I’m just the useless best friend of Louis Tomlinsons girlfriend. Who gives a flying fuck about me, besides my best friend herself? Anyway, I’m 18, I have hair the colour of Ed Sheerans and it flows in loose natural curls down my back, and ends about 5 inches from my bum. I have freckles. I hate them. I’m very insecure. Oh, and I have dark brown eyes, I’m fit, I sing, and play guitar. I’ve played since I was 5, but no one really cares. Lex says I’m really good, but I don’t believe her. I’m from Galway Ireland. Lex and I have been friends since I moved to London when I was 13. My parents still live in Galway with my little sister, Abby who's 8, and my brothers, Clayton and Tanner, who are both 16. Ok enough about me I’m just gonna get to the point. This is the story of how I became the ever so famous girlfriend of Niall James Horan.


3. Stuck

(Morgan’s POV)

Well, Niall and I were having a great time, untill we got stuck on the ferris wheel.  For 4 1/2 fucking hours. I was scared. So fucking scared.   I sat there. Next to Niall. Wrapped in his arms because I was freezing, and he let me cuddle with him. For some reason I wasn’t so scared of being stuck anymore. Why was I feeling like this? It couldn’t be Niall, right? I’ve known him for only a few hours, yeah, sure, I liked him. But I didn’t think we would work out. Partially because I’m the useless best friend.

“So, what should we do?” Niall asked pulling me a little bit closer.

“We could get to know each other?” I said

“Sure. You start.” Niall said.

We didn’t even look at each other while talking. We just sat there cuddled up together, looking over London.

“Well, my name is Morgan Ann Abrams. I’m 18, my birthday is November 28, 1994. I’m from Galway Ireland. I have two twin brothers, Clayton and Tanner who are 15. And a little sister Abigale who is 7. My favourite colour is purple. Uhm, I’ve known Lexie since I was 4. I moved to London last year with Lexie.” I finished because I couldn’t think of anything else.

“Your turn.” I said.

“My names Niall James Horan. I’m 19. My birthdays September 13, 1993. I’m from Mullingar Ireland. I have one older brother, Greg. My favourite colour is green. I moved to London with the lads after our first tour.”

“I think that’s it.” He said

“Wait, one more thing. I play guitar. I have since I was 5.” I said quickly.

“I play too. What a kawinkadink.” He said

“Kawinkadink?” I laughed

“Yeah.” He laughed. His laugh was so damn cute. Wait. What the fuck did I just say?

“Um, shouldn’t you call Harry or someone?” I asked.

“Oh yeah. Hang on.” He unwrapped his arms from around me and pulled out his phone. He called Harry and told him what happened. He finally hung up.

“Harry and the rest of everyone are going to leave because the park is closing and people are starting to recognise them, so we have to catch a cab home.” He said.

“That’s fine.” I replied.

I shivered a little. It had gotten really cold in the past hour we had been sitting up here. And I was in shorts and a thin shirt. I rubbed my goosebumped covered arms to try and make some heat but it wasn’t working. Niall looked at me, noticing what I was doing. He quickly took off the grey Jack Willis hoodie he was wearing. Now he was only wearing a thin black t-shirt. He gave me the hoodie.

“Wear this. It will give you some warmth.” He said.

“But you’ll get cold.” I said.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry.” He said

“You sure?” I asked again.

“Yes. Now put it on before you get too cold.” He said.

I put it on. It was huge on me. My arms were now warm. But my legs were freezing. I pulled them up close to my chest and wrapped my arms around them. Niall looked at me again. He held his arms out explaining to me to come closer. So I did. He pulled me on to his lap and wrapped his arms around me once again. It felt so nice. I yawned.

“Tired?” He asked

“Mhm.” I mumbled.

“Go to sleep.” He said

“I’m too scared.” I whispered.

“I won’t let anything happen to a beautiful girl like you. I promise. Plus it’s not like I can go anywhere right now.” He chuckled.

I smiled to myself. He called be beautiful. Wait. What the fuck was he doing. He couldn’t possibly like me. Could he? And I couldn’t possibly like him. Could I? I was so confused.

“You called me beautiful….” I whispered.

“Well I wouldn’t lie.” He said

I shifted up to look at him.

“Thanks. You’ve been an awfully nice date so far.” I smiled.

“So it was a date?” He asked smiling.

“You could call it that.” I said

“How about we plan for another “date” tomorrow night? 7 okay?” He asked

“Seven sounds good.” I mumbled while laying my head back on his chest.

“Good. Well arrange the details later. For now go to sleep.” He said.

With that I fell asleep. He pulled my closer to him as I drifted off.

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