Kiss Me I'm Irish

Hi. You don’t know me, but my name's Morgan Abrams. My best friend Lexie, is dating the one and only Louis Tomlinson. I’m not famous, I mean, why would I be? I’m just the useless best friend of Louis Tomlinsons girlfriend. Who gives a flying fuck about me, besides my best friend herself? Anyway, I’m 18, I have hair the colour of Ed Sheerans and it flows in loose natural curls down my back, and ends about 5 inches from my bum. I have freckles. I hate them. I’m very insecure. Oh, and I have dark brown eyes, I’m fit, I sing, and play guitar. I’ve played since I was 5, but no one really cares. Lex says I’m really good, but I don’t believe her. I’m from Galway Ireland. Lex and I have been friends since I moved to London when I was 13. My parents still live in Galway with my little sister, Abby who's 8, and my brothers, Clayton and Tanner, who are both 16. Ok enough about me I’m just gonna get to the point. This is the story of how I became the ever so famous girlfriend of Niall James Horan.


2. Fair

(Niall’s POV)

As I opened my door Louis, Lexie and the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, were standing in front of me. I assumed the beautiful girl was Morgan, Lexie’s best friend. I realized I was staring and moved out of the doorway to let the three of them in. I closed the door behind Morgan and we walked into the living room where the rest of the boys were.

“Guys this is my Morgie Poo.” Lou resting an arm on her shoulder. 

“Hello!” The boys chorused. 

“Hi!” Morgan said cheerfully.

“So what should we do today?” Zayn asked.

“There’s a fair in town. We could go there.” She suggested. I took note of her Irish accent. I liked this girl already.

“That sounds like fun. Alright everyone grab your car buddies and let’s go!” Harry said.

“Dibs on Morgan!” I said throwing my arm over her shoulder.

“Well that was quick Nialler.” Zayn chuckled as every one else called their riding partners. Harry was with Zayn, Louis was with Lexie and Liam was with Darcy. Morgan and I climbed into the back of Louis’ car and buckled our selves in as we started the drive to the fair. We made small talk until we pulled up to the fair.

We all got out of the cars and decided to take our partners and just wander around the fair. Morgan and I rode a few rides then decided we were hungry. We walked up to the closest food stand and I ordered for us.

“I’ll take two hot dogs with every thing on them except relish, a medium coke and a funnel cake.” I told the employee. 

“What do you want, love?” I said turning to her.

“I’ll have two hot dogs with just ketchup, mustard and cheese, and a medium root beer.” She ordered. Wow she had an appetite just like mine. I started to like this girl even more. The worker gave us our food a few moments later and we went and sat at one of the green fair tables. We set our food down and began to eat. We finished our hot dogs and about 3/4 of our drinks before we started on the funnel cake. We pulled of small pieces before we put the moist cake in our mouths. We finished the cake and decided to we should ride one more ride before we had to go home.

“What should we ride?” She asked looking around as we walked aimlessly through the fair.

“We could ride the ferris wheel if you want?” I suggested.

“That sounds fun.” She said as we walked hand in hand to the ride. We got in line and were soon at the front. We climbed into the small car as we began our rise up to the top. We were at the very top of the ferris wheel when the announcers voice came over the loud speaker.

“Ladies and gentleman we’re sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re having some technical difficulties. The ride may be fixed in about 4 1/2 hours.” Then it cut off.

“4 and 1/2 hours?” I questioned.

“Looks like we’re in for a long ride.” Morgan said.

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