Kiss Me I'm Irish

Hi. You don’t know me, but my name's Morgan Abrams. My best friend Lexie, is dating the one and only Louis Tomlinson. I’m not famous, I mean, why would I be? I’m just the useless best friend of Louis Tomlinsons girlfriend. Who gives a flying fuck about me, besides my best friend herself? Anyway, I’m 18, I have hair the colour of Ed Sheerans and it flows in loose natural curls down my back, and ends about 5 inches from my bum. I have freckles. I hate them. I’m very insecure. Oh, and I have dark brown eyes, I’m fit, I sing, and play guitar. I’ve played since I was 5, but no one really cares. Lex says I’m really good, but I don’t believe her. I’m from Galway Ireland. Lex and I have been friends since I moved to London when I was 13. My parents still live in Galway with my little sister, Abby who's 8, and my brothers, Clayton and Tanner, who are both 16. Ok enough about me I’m just gonna get to the point. This is the story of how I became the ever so famous girlfriend of Niall James Horan.


9. Boyfriend

(Niall’s POV)

When Morgan told me that those dumb-asses raped her, my heart broke in two.  What kind of jackasses would fucking do that?  Morgan is WAY too beautiful for something as painful as that to happen to her.  God, it’s tearing me apart.  I want her so bad.  No, not in a sexual way, I don’t believe in sex before marriage.  But I’m not forcing her to do anything.  She had been forced enough in her life. 

I couldn’t restrain myself.  I wanted to make her mine, so much more than you could ever imagine. What the hell am I saying, I can’t rush her.  Hearts go at their own paces.  Mine, unfortunately, is going uncontrollably fast.  and hers wasn’t even healed from the scars that Jaedon had made on it.  Fuck my life.

I sat there holding her on my lap, she was sleeping with her head in the crook of my neck, and her legs were wrapped around my torso.  It was 10:00.  Shouldn’t Lexie and Louis be home by now?  Oh well.  Its fine, I’m sure they’re probably shaking the bed at Louis’ house right now. 

I looked down at Morgan, though I couldn’t see her face because it was dug in my neck,  I could see her ears though.  She had her ears pierced, there were tiny 4-leaf clover studs, and a tiny Ireland flag earrings on her ear lobe.  Cute.  I could see on her neck that she had goosebumps, so I decided I should go put her in bed.  I carried her up the winding staircase, and into her room, I placed her on the wide bed and threw a big blanket with Justin Biebers face over her.  When I had finished tucking her in, I kissed her head.  I went over to her makeup table, why she needed all the products on it?  I don’t know.  She was beautiful without it.  I found a pen and a clean sheet of paper.  I began to write.

Good evening love since you kind of fell asleep on me, I decided to tuck you in, then drive over to my flat to get some of my own clothes, because walking around in your best friends sweatpants, boxers, and baby blue striped shirt, is kind of awkward.  I’ll be gonna a little while, an hour at the most, because I need to run to a few places. I should be back by 6. This was just in case you wake up.  Ill see you in a bit.  :)

NiNi Xxxx

I placed the note on her phone, kissed her head gently, and proceeded quietly out the door.

(Morgan’s POV)

I woke up for the second time today, this time the morning sunlight wasn’t pouring through the purple sheer curtains that hug over my glass windows.  Instead it was the orange and red gleaming light of the evenings sunset glaring though and nearly blinding my eyes.  I sat up in my empty bed still squinting my eyes in a tired way.  I took my hand and brushed my curly hair through using my fingers.  After all, or most, tangles were out I looked at my phone sitting on my nightstand, there was a folded piece of purple paper on it. I grabbed it and unfolded the origami heart that is had been folded into.  Cute.

I read the note through, and now realized why Niall wasn’t lying next to me when I woke.  The note stated that he would be back by six, I checked my phone.  5:18.  I had just under an hour to do whatever I wanted.  But what the hell am I going to do.  I was too tired to get dressed.  Niall and I would probably go out to eat later.  Yeahhhhh, I’m just gonna go watch TV.

I made my way downstairs and sat on the large white couch in the center of my living room and turned on my tv.  The first thing I saw when the first channel popped up was a picture of Niall and I on the Ferris wheel.  Fuck.

It has been reported that the teenage irish vlode heart throb Niall Horan has himself a lucky lady!  Niall is in a British-Irish boy-band named One Direction.  Only 1 of the boys in the band has a girlfriend.  But maybe not for long!  Niall was spotted with this beautiful young girl who, has not yet been identified because there is no clear facial picture.  We do know that this girl has quite a head of beautiful red hair!  Niall and his mystery lady were spotted at a local carnival in London last weekend on the Ferris wheel at the attraction.  The Ferris wheel had some mechanical difficulties while the couple was at the carnival.  Riders on the Ferris wheel were stuck on the wheel for roughly 3 1/2 hours.  Niall and mystery lady were just some of the passengers on the ride at the time.  Apparently Niall and Mystery Lady got a little close on the ride, hence the pictures of their little ‘Love Fest’ on the very top of the Ferris wheel.  The rumor is that both people had a little too much to drink, and got a little friendly, but a lot of us strictly don’t believe this theory, for the couple didn’t appear drunk in the taxi they drove home in.  The driver told us that they weren’t drunk at all, and were completely sober.  So, were they really drunk?  Or has our little Nialler found himself his princess?  Go online to vote either yes, this is Niallers girlfriend, or no, They were drunk.  We will review the poll tomorrow at 3p.m  Thank you and that’s all for your 5:00 evening news on channel 12.”

You have got to be fucking kidding me.  The cab driver?! Really?!  Fuck my life.  Niall’s going to be pissed when he gets back.


 ”Morgan love, I’m back!”  Niall’s Irish accent filled the house when he walked through the door.

“Kitchen!”  I replied, implying where I was located.  

He walked in, now wearing some tan chinos, and a white v-neck t-shirt with some dark blue Supras.  Damn he’s hot.  He looked at me and gave me a crooked smile, I replied back with the same, and continued tapping away on my phone, scrolling through the hate on my twitter.  How the hell did the fans find out my name, when they didn’t even know it an hour ago?  Damn, these bitches were good.

@Narry_Stylinsonlik ‘Look at that fat bitch with our Nialler.  Back off whore

@HaroldsWife ‘You only want him for fame.  You weren”t drunk.  Attention seeking cunt.

this broke my heart.  It truly did.  People can be so cruel.  Damn.

“What are you looking at love?”  Niall asked politely.  I bit my lip hard, then turned my phone to his face and let him read.  His blue orbs grew wide and filled with hurt and anger, just like I had saw them this morning.  I didn’t necessarily like seeing him like this.  It scared me quite a bit, but it comforted me quite a bit, because it showed me that Niall truly did care.

“How the hell did they find out?!”  He yell whispered.

“The pictures, remember, Harry said they were leaked.  And now people are getting on to us, saying that they know we weren’t drunk.  There was a whole news report, I watched, the cab driver gave them the news that we were completely sober, and they were saying on the news that they couldn’t get a good view of my face, but now, and hour later they know who the hell I am!  Your fans are dedicated.  Real dedicated.”  I stated, my voice was shaky with fear.  I can’t stand twitter hate.  My friend committed suicide because of it.  I don’t take hate well.  That’s why I’m so insecure.

“You have got to be kidding me.  Now they’re going to follow us everywhere.  And your going to be known as my girlfriend.  Great.  Just fucking great.”  He said, running a hand through his hair.

“Are you saying you don’t want me to be your girlfriend?”  I teased

“NO. NO NO NO NO.  I would be perfectly fine if you wanted to be my girlfriend, errr I, err I like you a lot and um, I didn’t want to push you into anything, because of your past, and uhm, I mean, if you wanted to be my girlfriend, I’m perfectly fine with it, I actually would love it, And i’m not a dickhead, I wont be like Jaedon, I’ll protect you, and uh, I really like you, and uh, yeah…”  He trailed off

“Niall, will you be my boyfriend?”  I asked, without even having to think about it.  I wanted Niall.  Only Niall.

“Are, you serious? You don’t have to if you—-” I cut him off by wrapping my arms around his neck and smashing his lips on to mine.  He froze at first, then kissed back sweetly.  His lips tasted of peppermint.  Our lips moved in sync perfectly, like they were meant to be.  They molded to each other magically.  He licked my bottom lip begging for entrance to the rest of my mouth, and I gladly opened up.  We kissed a while longer, his hands moved down to my bum and he lifted me up on the kitchen counter,  I wrapped my legs around his torso, and his hands were on my waist, and my fingers were in his hair.  We kissed a few moments longer, until we both needed air.  Our foreheads were both pressed together, and our eyes still closed.

“I want to.  You’re not forcing me. I want to.  I want you.”  I whispered. onto his lips.

“Same here, now kiss me.”  he whispered back, we both kissed again, smiling into the kiss ans it got more and more heated.  This feeling was overwhelming.  I couldn’t explain it.  Niall was, perfect.

“YO YO YO! THE SWAG MASTAH AND HIS LUCKY LADY ARE HOME AND- WOAH.  I did not expect this.”  Niall and I broke apart, while Lexie and Louis stood there, jaws dropped and eyes  wide.

“Uhhhh, hi.”  Niall and I both said in our matching Irish accents.

We just stood there, in our same positions, staring at each other.

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