Niall i would love too

hi my name is Ava Armstrong. And im in love with ONE DIRECTION. there like my life. but heres the thing... i get bullied alot and i cut myself... i havent for a while tho




When i walked out of my house i saw a big white limo. NIALL GOT A LIMO FOR OUR DATE!!!!!!!! I got in the limo and sat down. 

"Niall" i said in a weird tone 

"yes love" he asked

"we are in a limo you know that right" i said wondering where we were going witch this would be ok to come in.

"yeah i know love" he said giggling.

"Well where the hell are we going where this would be ok" i asked cause i was so confused 

"Im not telling you love you will have to wait and find out" he said taking my hand as he opened the door to see millions of screaming fans and a red carpet. OMG HE TOOK ME TO A MOVIE PREMIERE! I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS!!!!!! 

"were at the premiere of the one direction movie" Niall said as we stepped out of the limo and saw the rest of the boys and Bailey and Elissa with there dates step out of to different limos we ran up to each other and screamed. This is going to be the best Valentines Day EVER!!!!!!! 

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