Niall i would love too

hi my name is Ava Armstrong. And im in love with ONE DIRECTION. there like my life. but heres the thing... i get bullied alot and i cut myself... i havent for a while tho


1. the day of yuck

Avas pov

Eww the one day of the year were everyone is mushy and gushy and its all about love </3. and by the time it rolles around I NEVER have a boyfriend. what would be awesome... if one direction was there with me!!!!! but that would never happen. so I'm off to school i get my make up on and put a cute outfit on. i got a text from my best friend Elissa. we have been best friends since the 5th grade. 

"hey im down stairs your mom let me in, ready to go" i told her i would be right down. i put my fave hoodie on and i was off to school.

"hey you look cute" i told her. "wheres bailey" i asked. Bailey is our other best friend

"ummmm i dont know i havnt heard from her all day"  El said. 

so we just got in the car and went to school. but when we got there there was a big crowd of people. i spotted Bailey trying to get in this big pile. El and i ran up to her to ask what was going on. 

"what the hell is going on" El said to Bailey. "ONE DIRECTION" thats all she could say... 

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