Niall i would love too

hi my name is Ava Armstrong. And im in love with ONE DIRECTION. there like my life. but heres the thing... i get bullied alot and i cut myself... i havent for a while tho





      Avas POV 

   i went to school the next day kinda bummed that niall wouldnt be there but its ok cuz guess what!!!! WERE GOING ON ANOTHER DATE TONIGHT!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! Its just going to be me at me and my mums flat.


my phone buzzed. I it was a text from Niall. "hey babe hope we can still hang out tonight cant wait to see your face" I blushed at the adorable text from my date.

"im looking forward to it babe cant wait to see you either <3" i sent him back. wait was the heart to much AHHH.

"<3333333" he sent back. thank god it wasnt to much i hope that means he feels the same way.


 Its 5:30 and hes coming at 6.what do i wear do i wear sweats and act like im not worried or do i wear jeans yeah im going with jeans. 

ok perfect my make ups done. now what movie are we going to watch. my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the door bell. YAYAYAYAYAYAAYAYAYAY. ok ava get it to gether and open the door in 3 2 1. and then a beautiful lad stood right in front of me.

"hey babe" he said just before kissing me on the cheek "i brought something for you.

"oh you did-" when i was cut off by beautiful flowers held in my face. 

"Niall there soo pretty thanks you" i said kissing his soft lips

"im going to go get these in water you can come up here" i yelled as i ran to the kitchen 

"there are some movies i lied out you can pick from those or there are some in the thing under the tele" and at that i heard him get up and go to the tele. he pulled out one of my fave films love actually.

"i love this film" he said

"really its a chick flick" i said thinking he didnt know.

"i know thats why i love it and if your ok with watching it i am too" he said pulling me close.

i rested my head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me. We ended up falling asleep and when i woke up it was 4 am. 

"Oh my god niall wake up" i said rubbing my eyes.

"What love" he said in a sexy raspy tone

"its 4 am" i said trying to sit up when i was pulled back down

"when does your mom get home"he asked in that same raspy tone that i loved so much.

"shes on a trip for work" and at that. he sat up.

"well why dont we go to a bed thats more comfortable cuz im sleeping here tonight" he said pushing me off the couch. 

"come with me" i said standing up but before i could walk anywhere there were soft lips touching mine.

"niall just wait" i said grabbing his hands and we were off to bed

*** we had a little snogging action going on but then we just slept in each others arms it was like heaven!! <3

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