Niall i would love too

hi my name is Ava Armstrong. And im in love with ONE DIRECTION. there like my life. but heres the thing... i get bullied alot and i cut myself... i havent for a while tho





       Avas POV

  Why must Niall be so perfect. He was so kind. OH AND THOSE LIPS THEY WERE SO SOFT. he didnt push to hard. im sure if i didnt want to kiss him he wouldnt have pushed. i wonder hoe El and Baileys dates went

     Elissas POV

 THAT WAS THE BEST NIGHT IN MY LIFE!!!!!! HARRY IS SO PERF!!! WE HELD HANDS ALL NIGHT THEN WE KISSED. I KNOW ME AND HARRY STYLES KISSED. His lips were so soft and amazing when they moved in sync with mine. it was so perf!!!!!!

 Harrys POV

 WOW EL WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. i think im in love<33333. She was so nice and when we kissed it was absolutely the best night ever. WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYT better than Taylor!!!!!!!!  


Baileys POV

   OMG LIAM WAS AMAZING!!!!! HE WAS SO KIND. we didnt kiss though that kinda made me sad but it was still fun!! hope the others had fun!!

  Liams POV

WOW BAILEY WAS SOOO NICE. Kind hearted and perfect. I wish I could have built up the courage to kiss her but maybe next time<3 

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