Niall i would love too

hi my name is Ava Armstrong. And im in love with ONE DIRECTION. there like my life. but heres the thing... i get bullied alot and i cut myself... i havent for a while tho



Avas POV

We got on the carpet and he grabbed my hand.

"i want them to know your mine" Niall whispered in my ear as we walked forward.

"Im yours?" i asked of course i want to be his but im his yay!!

"We will talk about this later ok babe" he said kissing my cheek.


Nialls POV

i want her to be mine. am i crazy am i out of my mind. holding her hand is like im intertwined with her and i love it. i have no clue if i should kiss her at the end of the night.


when the movie was over we had kissed once or twice and it turns out she was in the movie. she was one of our screaming fans. even with tears down her face she still looked amazing. she had not looked any pretter than that moment when i looked at her and i just had to lean in and kiss her one last time.

"do you want to go out again some time" she asked me as soon as we pulled away.

"i would love that here can i see your phone" i asked her

"sure are you going to put your number in it" she asked giving me a cheeky grin

"Mayyyyybeee" i said acting like a little kid.

"Can i see yours"  she asked i pulled my phone out of my pocket and handed it to her.

"here you go" i said as i gave it back to her.

"well ihave to get home before my mom gets mad" she said taking her phone back. she unlocked it to see that i put little hearts next to my name. she giggled.

"i love it" she said and took my phone and told me to unlock it. she put hearts next to her name.

i took her hand once she gave me my phone back and lead her into the limo to drive her home.

"my mom really likes you" she said scooting closer to me "and i do too" she leaned in and kissed me. her lips were soo soft and amazing. we pulled away as the driver came to a stop.

"well here you are" i said as i got out and opened the door for her.

"thanks for tonight it was the best night of my life" she said taking my hand.

"the pleasure is all mine" i said leaning in for a good night kiss... lets just say it was the best good night kiss of my life<3

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