What happens on valentines day

me (alisa) HARRY STLYES how the day before valentines day I run into Harry and I don't know what to do so I ran away but he calles me then we go to his place I stay the night cause it was raining and then valentines day comes around and I see him again and well I just remembered his green eyes and I asked him to be my valentine!!!! <3


1. When it all started

The day before valentines day London England,I had just gotten out of school and I was talking to my friends about the valentines day dance on valentines day and my friend Kari said she was going with josh and April said she was going with Ethan,they asked me who I was going with and I said that I didn't have any one yet and they said that I have to get tonight so I could go tomorrow.I told them I would see them tomorrow night and I started walking not watching were I was going and I bumped into Harry and at first I didn't recognize him because I was thinking who was gonna be my valentine.We were really good friends and I liked him a lot but I didn't know if he liked me and when we ran in to each other my books fell out of my hands and I looked up and I said u was sorry then I herd Harry's voice I aw most fainted but I didn't show it.i said I would get the books and so did he we both went down then we hit our heads.then he gave me his phone number I said I would call him and out of the corner of my eye he was blushing and I loved it I got home did my home work and started to look at the number harry gave me so I called it he answered and said hello I said hey this is Alisa can I come over tonight he said of course you can.i went over and we started to watch a movie and it was the notebook I love that show.It stared raining and I asked if I could stay he said yeah.I woke up and I couldn't wait any more and I walked to him and said that I need to tell you something and he said I have to ask you something to I did you first and he came right out and said it (ALISA WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE) and of course I said yes!!!and we all went to the party it was really fun and when it was over Harry walked me home and it was raining and it was so the right time I just leaned in and kissed him he kissed me back and we just laughed it was great we both said good night....THE END
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