They don't know about us

Elizabeth is your average 17 year old girl. Except for the fact that her brother is Louis Tomlinson. She lives with her parents in Doncaster, England. When her mom and dad die in a car crash, she's forced to live with her brother and his 4 best friends. What happens when she catches the eye of a certain blue-eyed irish boy?


3. Meeting....certain people

Izzy's POV

The door flew open as 3 handsome boys stepped in. "Hello!" They all said. "Hi, im Izzy!" "Im Liam!" "My names Harry!" "Im Zayn!!" "Wait, aren't there 5 of you?" "Oh! Niall!!!!" They yelled as a handsome boy with blonde hair stepped in. "Hi, I'm Izzy!" "I -I'm Niall" Okay, I gotta admit he was hot but Louis would never let me date him.Stop thinking like that Izzy!!!! You dont like him!!!"So..let's do something!" Harry said. "Why dont we play truth or dare?!" I said. I heard a clutter of okay and yeah sure. This will be interesting...

Hey! Thanks for reading guys...I hope you guys will like my story!! Bye peeps!
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